LG K7i smartphone that keeps mosquito away priced at Rs. 7,990

At India Mobile Congress 2017, LG launched the K7i smartphone that comes with a unique and unrelated feature – it keeps mosquito away. The LG K7i makes use of ultrasonic noise technology to keep Mosquito away, it is priced at Rs. 7,990.

LG K7i comes with a quad core processor (chipset unknown) clocked at 1.1GHz. It features a 5 inch screen, an IPS screen with 854 x 480 pixels resolution. Android Marshmallow runs out of the box with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, plus 32GB micro SD card support.

The LG K7i comes with a additional back cover that has a speaker that gets activated when attached and it emits ultrasonic frequencies that as per the company drives mosquitoes away.

LG K7i Mosquito repellent smartphone launched

This dual SIM handset comes with 8MP rear camera with flash support and 5MP front camera. Other features are 4G VoLTE, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There it seems is a finger print sensor too on the back. A 2500 mAh battery powers the LG K7i.

So here is the LG K7i a smartphone that comes with Ultrasonic noise tech to keep mosquito away, and it is priced at Rs. 7,990. But the kind of specs this handset comes packed with, and considering the price, not sure about mosquitoes but it will definitely keep the users away.


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