The LG HX906TX 9.1 home theater system supports 3D surround sound with vertical 3D effect channel setup options. This entertainment system will also come with Wi-Fi, LG Smart TV functions and supports external HDD playback.

When it comes to home theater system there are many options to choose from but the best ones will come for a price. The HX906TX has modified the traditional 5.1 speakers by adding 4 upright 3D speakers and what you get is the 9.1 Speakers.

3D sound with surround effects quality is mesmerizing. There are some unique features like the Vertical 3D effect channel and the Sound Shower effect wherein the 3D sounds are reflected in such a way it creates the shower effect. To experience it do visit the nearest electronic showroom.

LG HX906TX home theater system features

This home theater system come with 9.1 Speakers / Upright 3D speakers and features the 3D Cinema Sound Technology. There is a built in Wi-Fi and DLNA for steaming. With Wi-Fi you can access online content.

This system also supports Smart TV functions (LG brand). You can use iOS or Android app to control the home theater system from your mobile phone.

LG HX906TX Home Theater features and price in India

Other features are External HDD playback support, iPhone / iPod recharge and playback, Full HD 3D Blu-ray playback, 3D sound analyzer and support for commonly used files such as DVD, HD DivX, MP3, ACD, 3D and AVCHD.  LG HX906TX price in India is Rs. 59,900.


By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -