Lenovo today launched the Lenovo K8 Note in India. This handset is powered by MediaTek Helio X23 that is a deca core (10 core) powered handset and comes with dual camera setup. K8 Note price in India is Rs. 12,999.

The Lenovo K8 Note camera setup similar to Honor 6x, that is vertically placed.  K8 Note features a 5.5 inch 2.5D curved screen with gorilla glass protection and with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This handset sails on Android Nougat out of the box.

K8 Note is using Helio X23 Deca core chipset clocked at 2.3GHz. It’s a dual SIM handset with 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM and 64GB external micro SD card support. On the back there is a 13MP camera + a 5MP secondary camera, front facing camera is of 13MP resolution.

Lenovo K8 Note price in India

Handset weight is 180 grams and it is 8.5mm thick, there is finger print sensor. 4G with VoLTE is supported and a 4000 mAh battery comes built in (with turbo charging support). This handset will go on sale on 18th at 12 noon on Amazon.

Lenovo K8 Note Specifications

CPU : 2.3GHz Helio X23 (Deca Core – 10 cores)
GPU : Mali T880
SIM Type : Dual SIM
Screen : 5.5 inches, 2.5D, FHD (1080p)
OS : Android Nougat
ROM : 32GB/64GB
Rear Camera : 13MP + 5MP
Front Camera : 13MP
Security : Finger Print Sensor
Connectivity : 4G, LTE, VoLTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
Battery : 4000 mAh

Lenovo K8 Note Price

Rs. 12,999 for 3GB/32GB
Rs. 13,999 for 4GB/64GB

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  1. I bought this K8 Note 4GB + 64GB variant last week with an exchange of my almost 3 Yrs old Lenovo A7000 for an effective price of Rs. 6300/- (exchange value 3800/-). Till now the phone’s performance is as expected battery life is almost 1.5 days with moderate usage including gaming. Display quality is very good and so is the colour reproduction, Camera quality is above average. Though you have to be very cautious while focusing in Bokeh mode to get the proper edge detection, Antutu 3D Benchmark is 85686 (CPU-34094, GPU-23424, UX-22153, MEM-6015) Batter temp while benchmarking is 35 degrees. Overall a good performer in my opinion.
    Gogi Sir please do the detailed review of this phone.

    1. An update on Antutu 3D Benchmark score (with activating airplane mode) – 98422 (CPU-45677, GPU-25287, UX-19972, MEM-7486)

  2. I got Lenovo K8 note phone on 22nd Aug’17 and same day I have initiated for return back . Reason:- Whenever mobile connect over WIFI, phone continously rebutting…. I have tried 3-4 hours self trouble shooting…but no result…so I have decided to better return back ..

    1. I did not get review unit, I don’t get review units from Lenovo, no issues I buy if need be. But I am tight on budget so am skipping it.

      1. Gogi sir, yes we request you for your review to confirm everything. I found that it has 1.7 aperture in its back camera from other reviews and its already with dual camera facility. So far from other comparison It seems best for this price segment till we get Moto G5 plus dual camera phone. I am waiting for budged ( Up to 15000) dual camera phone with 1.7 aperture, gorilla glass protection and very good battery with fast charging support ( 4 GB ram/ 64 GB internal memory with expandable at least 256 GB memory). In total best camera phone with best performance in this budged. I request for your response with the review if you find it worthy.

        1. I doubt if it will have 1.7 aperture cause if it did the company would have mentioned that in specs / highlighted that in ads etc. Not yet decided if I will go with the review, next sale in on 1st September will see.

  3. Brother got phone yesterday, mentioned turbo power charger but it taking more time to full charge more than 2 30 hours ( it stucked at 99, not moving to 100 ) , give suggestions brother

  4. Just Y did Lenovo stick a Crap $7..2015 SOC in a 2017 phone is a mystery to one and all. ..just y not put a SD 625, by investing $ 7 more and put a proven 625 and have a winner. Are they playing Chinese checkers ? And trying to kill the Redmi 4 just by boasting ‘Killer Note’

  5. Wich processor need more power consumption Mediatek Helio X23 or Snapdragon 625 ?
    which will be overheated ?

    1. Lenovo K8 Note will go on sale on 18th and there are some more handsets launching on 18th, I don’t have the budget to jump in now, will need to wait until 26th. After that I will be able to buy.

    1. If you check Amazon it says notify me does not say register for sale or something. So it is open sale.

      1. Thanks brother for instant response,
        Will it be better buy brother? What’s ur overview about mobile?

        1. Specs look good I will need to check the handset. Lenovo sends review unit to selected few. Better wait for review. It will be late from my side as I will not be able to buy until 25th cause of limited budget.

          1. Should I buy in first sale itself? Need to buy mobile in soon brother, which one u suggest under 14k, for me camera and battery backup important,

  6. My experience with lenovo is not so pleasant. The lenovo K3 not, which is not even 2 years old has now stopped charging. It charges only when the phone is switched off. One of my colleague who also own another model of lenovo is experiencing the same problem.

    1. it might be the case that your phone’s charging port is damaged, as I had Lenovo A7000 before my new K8 Note and the charging port of A7000 got damaged and I had to replace it from my local mobile repairing shop for a mere rs 300/- and my phone lasted almost 3 yrs with extensive usage including heavy gaming. And what I figured out that Lenovo is not at all a bad brand in therms of hardware quality.
      Go and replace your phone’s charging port it will solve your problem.

  7. I am seriously looking forward to review of K8 Note from Mr Gogi Rana, have to buy a phone to replace my Note 3.

  8. Better to have a look on honox 6x if anyone wants to buy phone with good build quality,battery life n ofcourse for camera with bokeh effect n much more

    1. i bought honor 6 x, it has low sound, single speaker, quite a low battery. i would not buy this phone. screen is good, camera is very good, but sound is poor.

  9. Camera not a issue better buy now lenovo p2 only 12499 in Flipkart. Excellent screen and battery with sd625

  10. Specs looks quite promising.
    I guess
    Antutu score will cross around 100000 mark but not sure about the heating.
    Lets see about the dual camera, how it performs.
    Battery eventhough 4000 mah won’t survive full day i suspect.
    Very sad not getting Gogi’s review very soon.

  11. My lenovo zuk still far better than that this crap snapdragon 801 still powerful processes than crap mtk shit.

  12. Which Processor is generally more power efficient (battery life):
    1. Sd 625
    2. Helio x23

  13. I used My K4 Note for 1 yr 8 months now.

    I am going to get a good replacement.
    At least something came to break the hegemony of RN4.
    It was becoming sickening to hear repeatedly …… Redmi Note 4…

    Now, even Infinix Note 4 has come to break this jingling conundrum…
    I will buy this definitely.

    But just to note:
    I am waiting for full review of
    Infinix Note 4 as well.

    But, I presume K8 Note is really the best one in the race.

    Still as the budget is completely different for Infinix Note 4, it will also keep winning customers in that particular segment.

  14. Still sd 625 is best it’s a 14 nm processor. But Helio x23 is 20nm. Helio p25 is best competitor for 625. For battery efficient. Not performance

  15. this is the product lenovo should launch way earlier..but better late than never.. it has everything and pricing also very good..i have set my target for moto x4 wit sd660 so i am skipping this to buy but very good mobile on paper..

  16. At last brands are moving towards stock Android. Nokia started this trend it recently. HTC, LG are also ditching their own ui & going more like Stock Android.

    1. Honor 6x is better option than lenovo k8 note n its now available on Amazon at price of 13000

  17. Weighing at 180 gm is going to be heavy, I would always prefer those in the range of 130-150 gm

    1. 130 to 150 gm weight is better to handle mobile because after prolong use there will be pain in hand due to heavy mobile

      1. 130-150 g can be in phones with less than 3500maH battery and 5 inch or lesser.
        It is acceptable for phones with 5.5 inch & 4000Mah battery having 160 gm+ wight

  18. Price wise this looks expensive for 4GB. Also weight of 180gm is on higher side.

    Why 1st sale is almost after 2 weeks? Teasers were out almost 2-3 weeks before. It seems to be pre-mature launching.

    Lenovo lacks in providing better RAM utilisation & camera features when compare to MI. I am using Lenovo note K3 & can hardly get 700-800 MB RAM out of 2GB. Whereas MI provides 1.2GB out of 2.

  19. Lenovo has pushed away Moto g series phones in higher price point and replaced it with K8 note. this is evident from the fact that it has switched to stock android and brought in a good camera….which is USP of Moto phones. battery is also good with fast charging.this is why Xiaomi is launching 5X in India….Redmi note 4 is in trouble due to comparatively poor camera.

  20. Good for us, as Xiaomi has to price their next product(dual cam mobile Mi 5X/Note Pro) pricing very carefully.
    It’s a win win situation for the customers.

    1. I will need to check that, unfortunately I will need to buy this, and the last 2 Lenovo phones I bought had very bad experience with that but was very happy that I got replacement and refund. Xiaomi gives review units to almost all blogger / media, Lenovo is selective, guess why cause Xiaomi is confident about their product, Lenovo isn’t.

      1. Well said bro. Only a confident company can put their products online. This is very safe as they have to follow a process, in case the product is defective and that too hassle free.
        This was one of the reasons why I believed in Xiaomi, even before they started ruling this mobile market.
        Even I observed this pattern whenever(most of the times) you don’t get a review unit and the product comes out to be not good. Hats off to your good work Gogi bro.
        Keep it up

    2. K8 note has Helio X23 10 core processor that is built on 20nm process and it has 2 cortex A72 cores. It should do well in gaming but need to check how good is thermal management of mediatek.

  21. Lenovo is done a great job. With stock android and excellent specs this one will be the Redmi note 4 killer !

  22. they got almost everything right…except for the processor…mediatek is a big mistake indeed..

    1. As if smart phones should be manufactured using one brand’s processors only ???
      Don’t buy if u don’t like the processor.

  23. I think still better coopad cool 1 @7650 on Amazon after SBI cash back..
    Duel camera setup , SD 652 ,quick charging support, 4000 mah battery….

    1. Coolpad Col 1 not getting any support, and no software upgrades. Lenovo K8 Note on Stock Android sure to get Google Android support upgrades. Of course a Snapdragon SD 630 or a 660 would have been better.

    2. Yes, Deepak is right.that seller is not reputed. he sells used mobiles also, so avoid that seller…and wait for Diwali.

      1. Coolpad is selling this mobile …I mobile is new ,it is confirmed by seller …..if unsupported UI is your problem, you can go for stock Android..

    1. Yes. Deca core in infocus epic 1 is a flop. I have seen it not upto d mark, lags occasionally.

  24. RIP Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ??

    Wow sd card, 4gb ram, dual camera, 4000 mah battery, dolby sound, nought 7.1.1 , 5.5 full hd 2.5 d
    What more u want..?

  25. Best product from lenovo. Now Xiaomi would feel the heat. And they would take Indian market seriously.