Lenovo K8 Note will be unveiled on 9th August in India

Lenovo is gearing up to launch their next Note series handset and it is the Lenovo K8 Note. This handset will be launched on 9th August in India. Lenovo has already started teasing about the new product on their social accounts.

Lenovo K6 Note was the last handset that the company launched in the ‘K Note‘ series, they have in fact skipped the number 7 and instead will be calling their next handset the Lenovo K8 Note. The company has managed to keep the specifications a secret as for now.

Not much about the K8 Note is known but the recent tweets by the company wherein they mentioned that this new Lenovo Note smartphone will kill ordinary smartphone and will be much ahead.

Lenovo K8 Note coming soon

Not sure what they really are talking about, is it the price that will be way ahead or the hardware, and when they mention ordinary smartphone then does this include Xiaomi?

Well, wait and lookout of the #KillerNote, what do you think, looking at the recent Moto / Lenovo launches do you think Lenovo will come up with something that will beat or at least compete with any of the Xiaomi models?

Lenovo K8 Note will be Amazon Exclusive.


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