Lenovo has launched another budget friendly smartphone the Lenovo A7000. This is a dual SIM handset with 4G support and powered by 64 bit MediaTek Octa Core processor. The A7000 is available for Rs. 8,999 competing directly with the Yu Yureka.

Box Pack
Inside the box you will find the A7000, screen guard, data cable, travel charger, standard earphone, user guide, warranty information and battery of 2900 mAh capacity. The SAR values as mentioned on the box : 1.466 W/kg @1g head and 1.114 W/kg @ 1g body (The regulatory info on the phone says SAR -Head 1.260 W/kg and Body 0.999 W/kg).

Design, Display and OS
The Lenovo A7000 is big handset with almost rectangular shape, had it not been for the 4 curved sides. It has got a flat body on the front as well on the back. If you place the handset on a flat surface it is going to block the speaker out vent on the rear.

Build quality is very good, handset looks premium. It is easy to hold but it’s slippery – you need to be extra careful with it. Back panel is with matte finish and covers almost 80% of the handset. Weight with battery is 142 grams and dimensions are 76.46 x 152.50 x 7.87mm.

Lenovo A7000 box pack

Volume rocker and power button are placed on the right side and on the top you will find a 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port. There are dual mics for noise cancellation one at the bottom and other on the rear side.

Lenovo A7000 review and unboxing

This is a dual SIM handset – there are dual micro SIM slots. SIM slot 1 supports 4G/3G/2G and SIM 2 supports only the 2G networks (check video review).

A7000 sports a 5.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution. Colour reproduction, touch response and viewing angles are pretty good. There is no protection on the screen and you also get a free screen guard in the box, use it.

The handset is running Android Lollipop 5.0 with Vibe UI. I got an OTA update after unboxing and another update after 2 days.

Lenovo A7000 5.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution

There is LED notification and following sensors – accelerometer, light, proximity, GYRO and magnetic.

Memory and Storage
This handset comes packed with 8GB ROM and 2GB RAM along with micro SD support of 32GB. Of the 2GB RAM you will get around 1.1GB free and of the 8GB storage about 3.1GB free to 3.4GB free.

Lenovo A7000 review

Apps can be installed on the external storage. OTG is also supported – you can connect external pen drive using OTG cable or using an OTG supported drive.

Lenovo A7000 is using the MediaTek MT6752 Cortex A53 64 bit octa core processor clocked at 1.5GHz with Mali T-760 GPU. Overall performance is very smooth, lag free. Even the benchmark scores are pretty impressive.


App Result
Quadrant 14315
Antutu (64-bit) 42487
Vellamo Metal (1105) Multi core (1831) Browser (2848)
Nenamark 2 63.1 fps
GFXBench 3.0.32 Manhattan 10fps, 1080p Manhattan OffScreen 5.1fps, T-Rex 22fps and 1080p T-Rex Offscreen 13fps
Multi Touch 5 point

A7000 is loaded with 8MP AF camera on the rear with dual LED flash and a 5MP fixed focus camera on the front. You can shoot full HD videos. The handset can play 4K videos – I tested it with MX player in S/W mode, it worked.

Camera quality is average, it could have been better. You can check sample images/ video at the end of this review.

Lenovo A7000 8MP AF camera with dual LED flash

You will find some pre-installed games, well you will still need to download the data files. I installed the Asphalt 8 on external storage. The game played very well, was buttery smooth and handset also did not heat up much.

The key highlight about the Lenovo A7000 is that it is the world’s first handset to come packed with Dolby ATMOS feature. If you want to enjoy the ATMOS experience you will need to use a premium quality wired earphone / headphone. You will easily notice the difference with ATMOS enabled and when disabled.

ATMOS Sound output was amazing – I tested it with Samsung premium quality earphone (the one that you get with Note series). I also tried using the Jabra Move Bluetooth headset. But sound quality using Bluetooth was the same with ATMOS enabled and disabled.

I played some movies via premium earphone with ATMOS mode enabled, it was great on some movies, not all.

Sound is loud and clear. The incall sound is also very good.

There is 2900 mAh removable battery with very good backup time. After 24 hours of moderate mixed usage I still had 24% battery juice left. You can expect about 4 to 6 hours of continuous moderate to heavy usage on a single charge.

Lenovo A7000 2900 mAh battery

Task Time Battery drop (%) (max temp)
Running Benchmark apps 19minutes 5% (35)
FHD video playback with Wi-Fi on + full brightness 27 minutes 7% (35)
Asphalt 8 Game Play 20 minutes 8% (40)
Full Wall Charge 2 hours 30 minutes 11% to 100%

After 24 hours of mixed usage there was still 25% battery juice left.

Lenovo A7000 is a budget friendly big (with 5.5. inch screen) phone running Lollipop with excellent hardware performance and very good battery backup. Handset does not heat up much. ATMOS is exciting however the camera quality is just about average.

Still a very good buy for Rs. 8,999 – available exclusively on flipkart.

Yureka or Lenovo A7000?
Now both the handsets are great, both will continue getting updates and both are priced the same. Yureka is using qualcomm and A7000 is using MediaTek chipset. From benchmark it is clear that A7000 is more powerful. But when it comes to camera quality the Yureka is better. The touchscreen experience is more smoother on Yureka.

Lenovo A7000 Gallery

Rear Camera Sample

Front Camera Sample

Video review (please hit the like button, if you like the video)

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  1. My a7000 is not supporting otg, not responding when I connect the pen drive, is there any settings?

  2. Superb phone, I had bought it 6 months ago and it still running smoothly, powerfully, full charged in 2 hrs, very good phone.

  3. I can’t read gujrati on this mobile. Bad rear camera not clear with zoom out. So it is not good..go to the k3note

  4. I purchase the lenovo A7000 on may 23, still working is good when i connect to my TV to phone two times working ok, but then it was not connecting OTG what happened any settings is to be changed.

  5. I am not able to install asphalt 8 on my device when I try to install it it shows app. null

  6. Call END Option on Main screen not working. Every time i need to go to home page and end the call in drop screen

  7. My Lenovo A 7000 is now not detecting the wifi and cannot be connected to wifi network, always says not in range. What happened, could anybody help me.

    1. Switch of the phone and switch on, don’t restart, I think this will solve the problem.

  8. My Lenova A7000 does not get charged properly, it takes 4 to 5 hours to get charged from 10% to 60%, and it get heat after 20 minutes charging. What is the problem, can anybody says how to solve this problem.

    1. If you have another charging adapter try that, if same issue then visit service center to get it checked up.

  9. Gogi sir please tell how did you install asphalt 8
    when i install it says package duplicate permission null

    it would be kind of you to help me

  10. Gogi, please spend some more time when you review on the storage space and whether it actually installing the apps on the external device or not. For this device, the apps can’t be installed on the external storage. I switched to this device because of storage space issue with my moto e and still stuck with the same problem :).

    1. Not all apps can be installed on external storage. I test the feature with some specific apps that do install to external storage. Apps that are system dependent will always get installed on internal storage and cannot be moved.

  11. Dear gogi only 3.4gb internal memory in lenovo a7000 is it sufficient for downloading high end games though games can be moved to external SD card game data is stored in internal memory only.

  12. My mobile lenovo A 7000 is not charging but in switch off condition mobile is charging, please suggest the solution for this issue.

    1. Hi Vikas

      Same issue even i am facing,
      Please help me if you find any solution for the Phone charge issue

  13. Hello gogi I am facing a problem while playing nfs mw game it works totally fine but at the game play the car runs in whole dark unable to see surrounding is dark what to do pls help.

      1. Thanks for replying sanjay……
        Gogi bhai to reply hi nhi krte…..

        The issue was solved thsnks

    1. Yes, I am facing touch screen of right side……Right side of touch screen work only with press by finger ( not Touch by FIngers)

  14. I have bought the lenovo a7000.I had a doubt that whenever I go outside in the daylight with the phone and turn on the front camera whole screen becomes white and blank but when I am inside the house it works well. Is the same problem there in ur phone also. Plz reply bcoz after your reply only I will go and buy another phone or replace it.

    1. When you are outside under the under you see white or blank screen when using front camera, and what happens when you move into a shaded area can you see the screen? Try resetting the camera and see you can also try using another camera app to check. If you are still facing this issue then you can ask for replacement. You can also try factory rest as the last option.

      I did not find any issue, if you check the sample images the front camera sample they were taken in direct sunlight, and I was able to see the screen / front camera output.

      1. No sir,when I am under the shed the camera works very fine.even when I go outside, it keeps on working but it absorbs so much of light that nothing is visible on the screen. the whole screen becomes white bcoz of so much of light. Earlier I thought that it is because of the fixed focus nature of the camera but now I think its something else. I am going to try the methods which u have suggested.

      2. Sir, I got the issue resolved. I tried another camera app and the problem which I was facing is resolved now. Really thankful to you, can you suggest me the best camera app which I should use. Thanks for ur support.

        1. The Google camera try that it is very good. And also keep checking the stock camera app, Lenovo might roll out updates to fix bugs.

  15. Internet is not working, even 3g Tata Dokomo sim inserted in 1st slot and data roaming option is on. still showing “You are Offline”…. Please help

  16. my phones rear camera takes dark images in HDR mode, funny isn’t it!! lenovo ruined my camera in the form of OTA updates.

  17. I want to know it has otg but will I be able to use my desktop keyboard and mouse with this phone.

  18. please tell me camera quality of a7000?? otherwise this phone are best for value.
    also tell its come along with headphone or not??

    Please tell me its urgent

    1. Even though f.c is 5mp, it captures better photos compaired to rear 8 mp Camera..

      1. Hey friend I have the lenovo a7000 and my front camera becomes totally blank when I step out in daylight but inside it works well. Plz tell me whether you also have this problem or should I replace my phone.

  19. hello gogi, I have a7000 mobile, Gujarati language I can’t read, plz suggest what should I do to read the language?

  20. Today I got a new ota update for bug fixing, its a new update after the rear camera update, after the update double tap feature working properly and the bass decreased treble increased.

  21. Gogi, I installed nfs most wanted on a7000 the graphics looks stunning with all effects but its reach upto 60 degree c using cpu temp app, will it affect the fone, but games like shadowgun,virtual tennis max temp is 43 degreec.

    1. Depends, when playing the game if all the cores are used then handset will heatup faster. It also depends on the game for example if the graphics is constantly changing like the NFS (will heat up more) or if it is user controlled graphics change is less like shadowgun, virtual tennis etc (will heat up but gets enough time to cool off and maintain temp).

    2. Hello friend, me too a lenovo a700a user. When I am installing I got a error message that ‘the package permission duplicate null’

      I got the same error when trying to install mc4.

      Please help me in solving these. One of my friend said it needs rooting. Is there any other solutions??

      Help me