Lenovo unveiled the A6010 a dual SIM snapdragon 410 quad core powered smartphone at IFA event in Berlin. This handset sports a 5 inch screen and is running Lollipop with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

The Lenovo A6010 houses the known 64 bit qualcomm snapdragon 410 MSM8916 quad core chipset clocked at 1.2GHz with Adreno 306 GPU. This handset sails on Android 5.0 with Vibe 2.0 UI. It’s dual SIM with 4G LTE support. Screen is 5 inches IPS capacitive, supporting 1280 x 720 pixels resolution.

The Lenovo A6010 comes loaded with a 13MP AF camera on the rear with flash support and a 5MP Selfie camera on the front. There is 2GB RAM and 16GB storage plus micro SD card slot that will support of up to 32GB external cards. Key features re 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Dolby Atoms and Bluetooth 4.

Lenovo A6010 quad core announced

A6010 gets power from a 2300 mAh battery. No word about its availability and price in India (and not sure if they will launch this in India). The specs are almost similar to the Lenovo A6000 Plus, the only difference is A6010 has got a 13MP camera and it’s running Lollipop – makes no sense!

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  1. @ Vsk , you should remove your Ego from your head…
    If you are very rich spend the money on feeding the poor..
    It will remove paaap from you Prarbdha karmas.

  2. Guys, not blaming .. But ever checked SAR values of the low end Lenovo mobiles?? It’s on a very higher side.. The mobiles are good, support is very good.. But noticed this point recently. Dont trust me.. Check urself.

    1. There is a misunderstanding that lenovo phones have high SAR values. The SAR value mentioned on Lenovo phone is total value of all Radios present in the phone. Such as WiFI plus GPS plus Bluetooth plus cellular call radio. If you keep all these radios in ON position at once only then that creates maximum SAR value mentioned on handset….but if you talk on phone and turn OFF GPS,Bluetooth,WiFi then SAR values are reduced to just one forth of maximum value mentioned on box.

      most other handset makers mention just one SAR value such as either GPS or cellular radio….and therefore you feel that SAR is much less in that phone….that’s not the whole truth.

      1. So other companies are only mentioning only cellular SAR ? We need a expert to confirm that.

        Gogi any inputs ??

  3. I think lenevo losses its brand value by its dirt cheap pricing .Now a days everybody having a lenevo phone and it is very hard to differentiate each one on look. My point is that spending more than 15k for lenevo brand is not a wise decision for those who consider phone as a status symbol.

    Meanwhile companies like oppo slightly gain brand value. In future oppo is equally stands itself with HTC or Lg. Lenevo may have low profit margin due to cheap pricing and managed to sell high volume. Sony like brands have high profit margin and managed to sell low volume. But effectively both are equal.

    1. So what buddy. Its good that because of these brands people on tight budget can use and experience a good quality mobile. People who are brand conscious and dont want everyone holding the same branded mobile by others then they should opt for Samsung S6, Iphones and Xperias.
      Lenovo has done a remarkable job by gambling on budget phones and it worked for them.

      1. Noop, for dirt cheap pricing there are several unknown brands. But Lenevo is Reputed brand name and have rights to ask more for its brand name. I am talking on a business point of not on customer point of view. My point is that Lenevo can easily charge the pricing slightly higher than its current scenario. Anyway am happy.

        1. So you think Lenovo does not have a good marketing management and you should tell Lenovo how to price their mobile phones. Ha Ha Ha.

        2. I forgot to say that please pay some extra money for Lenovo phones whenever you plan to buy one, in this way you can maintain Lenovo’s reputation more than anyone else.

          1. I am never going to buy a Lenovo phone. I come to know that phone is a status symbol too. Everybody having Lenovo phone these days. But I know that Lenovo is far better than MMX like brands.

          2. For status symbol buy a Lamborghini or a Ferrari….. Also buy a Vertu phone….. Let us live in peace.

    2. Great, you have problems if company makes phone cheap and keep available for mass. How many of us knows model number of phones manufactured by so called branded companies. company will touch the heart of customer if their phones are for mass not for so called class customers those have Extra money to waste.

    3. @VSK
      so you mean to say Lenovo was a premium brand few months or 1-2 years back??

      how many of us were aware of Lenovo brand 2-3 years back and how many of us have bought a lenovo mobile 2-3 years back??

      lenovo become famous brand in India after launching mobile like a6000, a6000+, a7000 and k3 note and you think lenovo loosing its brand value lol.

        1. hey, he think a premium brand means pricier one. Man premium means premium hardware and supporting software.

    4. Lenovo offering good specs and features in low budget. Some peoples complaining about SAR value but they actually dont know how Absorption rate is measured
      (People should forget about SAR, its in Limit)

    5. Motorola would soon be controlling the cellphone unit of Lenovo, designs would be droid or Moto G/X like, may be they would be bringing change in the design philosophy as well. Good thing is price and features would be what we are getting now. So I would be definitely interested in buying a Moto designed phone with Lenovo features and specifications, this is the best news in recent times.

      1. Are you absolutely sure or it is what you think? Lenovo bought Moto, why would Moto have control on lenovo then? Illogical.

    6. Sh**tiest comment. Thats why there are more response to this comment rather than the actual article.

    1. This is mobile revolution bro. Don’t regret. phone become obsolete at that point of time it reaches in the user hand.