Yesterday LeEco launched Super 4 Series TV’s in India. The LeEco Super 4 Series Smart TV’s will be available in different screen sizes (40/42/50 inches) and will be available on Amazon. The price of these Super 4 Series starts from Rs. 46,990.

The LeEco Super 4 smart TV with 40 inch screen supports 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The other two variants i.e. with 43 inch screen and with 50 inch screen support 4K resolution i.e.  3840 x 2160 pixels.

These are smart TV’s powered by 64 bit quad core processor with Mali GPU. They are packed with 3GB RAM and 16GB/32GB of internal storage. Other common features on these TV’s are Bluetooth 4.1, HDMI ports, USB ports and WiFi.

LeEco Super 4 Series Smart Tv's

As far as the operating system is concerned these LeEco Super 4 Series Smart TV’s are running Marshmallow with EUI 5.8 (UI). The 40 inch LeEco Super 4 price in India is Rs. 46,990. The 43 inch model will cost Rs. 63,990 and the 50 inch Super 4 TV will come for Rs. 86,990.

These Smart TV’s will be available on Amazon.

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  1. wow great…but still usin’my old vediocon*tv supports HD*screen with dolby sound output.16 mil..colour support full led pannal and yes i’m using tatasky HD*settopbox.

  2. Le makes good quality products. I would say feel & finish is even better than Xiaomi. But their updates and service is worst.
    Buying a 10-15k phone is one thing. But taking chance on 50-60k TV in huge gamble.
    I wouldn’t buy these TV even for 40k. It’s a lemon if it goes bad.

  3. Gogi plz advice…wer can I buy washing machines online outside of India they r comparatively much cheaper than Indian rates… specially, how to buy in Amazon UK and ship to India? Plz help or give any idea.

    1. Don’t do it, for example if price is 500 pound on then u need to pay same for shipping + custom mean’s price will be 1000 pound.

      I purchase ice cream machine from US which cost nearly Rs. 15,000/- + shipping & custom Rs.15,000/- total cost Rs.30,000/-

  4. I read a news somewhere that LeEco is planning to exit India. Recently they laid off a huge number of staffs too.

  5. Hi Gogi,

    Do you have any idea which 4k display panel are they using? is it LG’s?

    By any chance, could this be OLED display? Otherwise, price is on higher side.

    1. There are only few companies that make panels, LG, Sharp (I guess) and Samsung. Not sure which one is used.

    2. the 40 inch model price is on higher side for 1080p panel.and it’s not OLED display…and it’s not even 4k. seems like normal ips panel but good quality. I would rather buy some non smart panasonic or LG 1080p model of 40 or 43 inch and make it smart using cromcast or Retv smart box.

      1. You’re right sachin11, it’s too high for a 1080p panel, better go for other brands.

  6. Should i buy le eco or cool pad products or not as it was said that they are leaving is it right?

    1. There as news about them closing down most operations but since they launched the Tv’s I guess it is safe to say they are still here not planning to exit. However a lot depends on what happens next. If by trimming down staff / offices they manage to control the crash crunch no issues but if they continue facing problem then hard to say. Anyway they will provide warranty as mentioned for the product.

    2. they are not living…they are just reducing their unwanted expenses.
      infact they are launching new affordable mobile phones around 15k price next month with SD 821.