At an event in China, the well known Letv Company unveiled a new name and logo that will from now on be Letv’s global identity. Letv will now be called LeEco. It is a new name with a new logo. Letv has already entered the Indian markets on 5th Jan they will soon (on 20th) launch the Le Smartphones that we have already talked about under the new brand LeEco.

LeEco is better as the Letv brand was bit confusing because of the tv word in it. In fact that is also the primary reason why the company decided to replace it with Eco.

Letv is very popular brand in China – they started off as a video website in 2004.

The new 4 strokes logo represents Content, Platform, Device and Application – the entire ecosystem.

LeEco Le Smarphones (LeTV is now LeEco)

So don’t be surprised when you find out that LeEco smartphones were launched instead of LeTv.

Watch out for the Letv, now LeEco, unveiling their smartphones for the first time in India on 20th January 2016.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -