Does LeEco Le 2 have any screen issues?

I just got the LeEco Le 2 handset delivered and the first thing I did was test the screen. Many users on my site have been pointing out about the screen issue on the LeEco Le 2 handset as pointed out by other reviewers, specially the creaking sound and screen deformation.

LeEco has already given a statement regarding Le 2 quality issues – as per the company they are using gasket below the display to absorb hard press scenarios that also helps display shattering to some extent. The Creaking sound experienced sometime when screen hard pressed, is because of electrostatic adherence between gasket and display. This is not a defect.

Since I was aware of such issues and just got the handset, the first thing that I did was to check the screen. I did not face any issues with normal usage (like everyone does), but when I pressed the screen hard – about 3x the normal press I did see a mild deformation specially when pressing in the center, it was mild and will increase when you apply more pressure. Creaking sound is mild, happens when you press hard, hold and then release, try couple of times – or tap hard but that will mix tap + creaking sound.

LeEco Le 2 screen quality issues

There is a gasket, in simple terms when you press the screen 3x times harder than you usually would you will feel the first layer touching the second layer, the fist layer is somewhat flexible. Now this happened only when I pressed the center part of the screen. My video reviews will cover the same (coming up soon).

About 1 or 2 years back you might have seen such issue on few handsets, especially when you press hard. Today almost all of the smartphones come with a hard layer so you will not experience such things. On the LeEco Le 2 really is not an issue.

Majority of the users will not be pressing the screen so hard, including for tap and hold – it’s a touch screen not a press screen. But it is a human tendency to try something that was not known, and in that process they might press the screen even harder, so I would suggest – if you have bought the Le 2 ignore the screen issue and use the handset as you normally would.

If you are facing this issue with normal operations i.e. normal touch then that is an issue, just in case you are not facing any issues even with hard press do not increase the pressure.

Ask yourself this question how many time will you be tapping the screen with 3x times more pressure and how many times will you be applying the same method just to hear the creaking sound.

LeEco Le 2 review will be up soon.


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