As per the latest leaked reports from Gizmochina, Xiaomi could soon launch a laptop for about $480 that could be powered by Intel processor running customized Linux OS with 16GB memory. The laptop image has also been leaked.

Update : As per latest report from it is a fake news, ignore it. I guess it would be wise to ignore the Xiaomi Arch news too.

There is no official confirmation yet. As far as the specs goes it will be using Haswell i7-4500u Intel Processor running Linux OS that will be customized by Xiaomi. The laptop will sport a 15 inch screen with full HD resolution. There will be 2 x 8GB of internal memory (16GB in total).

As seen in the image the laptop comes with a orange button and an orange Mi logo. Gizmochina has also mentioned the price at $480, seems a very good bargain. But we will have to wait for official word and if this turns out to be true.

Xiaomi laptop coming soon?

There is also the rumor about Xiaomi Arch double edge smartphone, so lets see what we will have in store from Xiaomi in 2015.

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  1. Hey gogi, this is a morphed photo of Apple laptop and it’s a ruse. Don’t promote this. Saw it on verge. Com

  2. this will be great laptop just like xiaomi phones…..just get rid of stock Linux and install pirated windows and you have a powerful laptop you won’t need to upgrade for next 5 years.

  3. This laptop is currently listed on retailer website….
    here are the full specifications

  4. Good Xiaomi is coming up with Laptops, but real question is when will they be available in India ????

    We are still awaiting MI4 in India, when they are already have plans for releasing Mi5 in China !!!!!!

  5. is anything happening in the world. Please reduce price to 100$ And akash tablets will be shameful