Lava Xolo A1000 Jelly Bean powered smartphone with 5 inch screen coming soon

Lava Xolo A1000 is another dual core powered handset running Jelly Bean OS with a 5 inch screen. This will be the first 5 inch handset in the Xolo series. The A1000 is expected to be priced under Rs. 15,000.

Fonearena has got hold of the prototype and as per the details unveiled by them the Xolo A1000 is 8.8mm thick, comes powered by a dual core processor with a 2100 mAh battery. Now this is the ‘A’ Series and hence it will not be Intel powered, instead I believe it could be with MediaTek processor.

No doubt its sleeker than other handsets (5 inch) available in the market. There is an 8MP rear camera with LED support plus front camera for video chat. This is all the info we have for now. But the price does seem high.

The Lava Iris 501 is competing with the Micromax A110, in fact it’s better than the A110. If the Xolo A1000 comes with the same hardware as the Lava Iris 501 it will not make sense. The price is way too high, probably they will enhance the RAM to 1GB. Moreover the Xolo A800 is priced at around 13K and it comes with a 4.5 inch screen.

I would want to see something new apart from the slim look, 5 inch screen and the Jelly Bean OS. Cause if it’s with the same MediaTek processor the price doesn’t seem right. The handset is expected to hit the markets by end of Feb or early March 2013.

For images visit Fonearena.


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