I have already done a review of the Lava Iris 504q+, I faced some issues with the battery then – it was not charging. I got the second unit from Lava Mobiles for the review again. And here is another review specially to check the battery performance.

The second handset that I got did not have any issues. The battery was charging perfectly fine. The only issue I faced with the first handset that I used for the review was that when I connected it to a wall charger the battery charging indicator showed up but the handset did not charge.

It was an hardware issue, the battery worked as expected on the new handset that I got. You will see the red LED light (the middle navigation button) when the handset is being charged, it will turn green when the charge reaches over 90%.

I recorded a 1080p video using the 504q+ and then played the same video in a loop for 1 hours 8 minutes. Note Wi-Fi was on and brightness level was at its max. The battery dropped by 25%. You can watch FHD videos for over 4 hours with full brightness and Wi-Fi on. If you switch off the Wi-Fi and reduce the brightness battery backup will increase further.

lava iris 504q+ battery review

Check the full review of Iris 504q+ here. The quad core powered 504q+ with 10MP rear camera running Android 4.2 over a 5 inch screen with HD resolution is available for Rs. 12,249.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in