Lava launched the Captain N1 and Captain K1+, these are feature phones under the new ‘Captain series’ priced at Rs. 1,150 and Rs. 1,250 respectively. Lava Captain N1 and Lava Captain K1+ will be available in retail stores across India.

Lava Captain N1 and K1+ specifications

The N1 and the K1+ both these handsets sport a 1.8 inch screen. These are basic phones that do come with audio jack, FM radio and a VGA camera on the back. Apart from these, the feature phones also come with call recording and built in Bluetooth.

Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada and Telugu languages are supported.  Another unique thing packed on the Lava Captain N1 and the Lava Captain K1+ is the funcall features, using this app users during a call can change their voices into funny ones.

Lava Captain N1 and Lava Captain K1+ feature phones

Lava Captain N1 and K1+ (with 1750 mAh battery) will be available in Black Dark Blue, Black Brown and Black Red colour option for Rs. 1150 (N1) and Rs. 1250 (K1+).