Kodak easyshare digital cameras specification and price (India)

Today you just don’t buy digital camera for print but also to share via email or on social networking sites. But some of the consumers may find sharing a bit difficult as most are not techno savvy. A Kodak easyshare camera is just perfect for such consumers.

With Kodak easyshare camera you can share as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Just press the share button, select the location where you want to upload your image and then connect the Kodak easyshare camera with the PC and the upload starts automatically.

Here is a list of Kodak easyshare digital cameras with specification and price in India.

Kodak easyshare mini digital camera

As the name suggest this is an incredibly small camera just the size of a credit card, yet can click images in 10 mega pixel resolution. This tiny package makes sharing easy and fun.  Kodak easyshare mini comes with little mirror in the front for taking self images with ease.

Price of kodak easyshare mini digital camera in India

Price of kodak easyshare mini digital camera in India

Even with a smaller size the easyshare mini can click stunning pictures at 10 MP resolution this means you can print up to 30×40 inch prints. The camera comes with 3x wide angle optical zoom and a 28mm wide-angle lens.

The LCD screen is 2.5 inch with amazing clarity. Other features are blur reduction, face recognition with tagging function where the camera can recognize up to 20 faces that were pre-tagged. The Kodak mini can also take HD pictures in 16:9 formats which can be viewed on HDTV.

Kodak easyshare mini price Rs. 5,299 with 2 years warranty and a free 4GB card.

Kodak easyshare CD44 digital camera

Kodak CD44 is a 12 Mega Pixel camera with 5x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom. The screen is 2.7 inches. The camera can record video in VGA mode 640×480 at 30fps.

Price of kodak easyshare cd44 digital camera in India

Price of kodak easyshare cd44 digital camera in India

The CD44 comes with 32 MB of internal memory with SD/SDHC card support.

Kodak easyshare CD44 price Rs. 4,199 with 1 year warranty, a camera pouch, battery charger and free 2GB of storage card.

Kodak easyshare M522 digital camera

M522 is a small but impressive camera. This is a small and portable digital camera that comes in multiple colours. Kodak easyshare M522 is a 14 mega pixel camera with 4x wide angle optical zoom lens and 27 mm wide angle lens.

Price of kodak easyshare mini digital camera in India

Price of kodak easyshare mini digital camera in India

The screen is 2.7 inch bright LCD. Other features are blur reduction, intelligent capture control / image processing / scene detection, face recognition and easily share on social networking sites. This camera can also take pictures in HD mode.

Kodak easyshare M522 price Rs. 5,999 with a free 4GB card and 2 years warranty.

All Kodak cameras come with Kodak easy share software that makes sharing, emailing, editing and organizing images easy. What’s more apart from printing you can also upload the images on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Flickr, Yandex and Kodak Pulse Digital Frame.

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