Kingston launched two new devices in the Indian markets the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro for Rs. 4,999 and Rs. 8,999 respectively. These devices are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro battery boost and mobile backup features and specifications

This Wireless G3 is a successor to the Wireless G2. The Wireless G3 & Pro comes with a USB port and a micro SD card slot that allows users to insert SD card in the SD card slot or connect USB pen drive into the USB port and share the content on your tablet, desktop or mobiles.

Users can easily share data, take backup and access content wireless on multiple devices simultaneously. G3 weight is 192 grams and Pro weighs around 194 grams. Both these devices also include built in WiFi (dual band) and Ethernet Port.

Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 and Wireless Pro launched

MobileLite Wireless G3 and Pro works with Android and iOS platforms. Wireless Pro is packed with all the features as seen on the Wireless G3 however the Pro also comes with built-in 64GB of storage space. Another difference between G3 and Pro is the built-in battery capacity.

G3 gets power from a 5400 mAh non-removable rechargeable battery whereas the Wireless Pro comes with 6700 mAh battery.

MobileLite Wireless G3 price in India is Rs. 4,999 and the MobileLite Wireless Pro is priced at Rs. 8,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -