Kingston the well known brand when it comes to Memory products has launched a unique USB pen drive called the Kingston DataTraveler 2000. The unique thing about this USB drive is that it comes with dedicated alphanumeric keypad with hardware based protection.

The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 is probably the most secure USB drive. It comes with dedicated alphanumeric keypad that can be used to assign a word / number to enable disk access. And this is done at hardware level, full disk AES 256 bit data encryption in XTS mode.

So basically to access the content user will need to punch in the password using the keypad on the USB disk – encryption is done on the disk and not on host computer. When the USB drive is removed from PC/laptop the auto lock feature is enabled.

Kingston DataTraveler 20000

Also after 10 failed intrusion attempts the encryption key is deleted. Since the security level is hardware based and happens on the USB disk itself this drive will work on Windows, Chrome, Mac and Linux OS. This drive supports USB 3.1 but can be used with USB 2.0 ports.

Kingston DataTraveler 2000 will be available online as well as offline for Rs. 10,000 (16GB), Rs. 14,000 (32GB) and Rs. 18,000 (64GB).