Kingston will soon launch a 128GB (UHS 1) micro SD card and a 64GB (UHS 3) micro SD card in India. The pricing details will be revealed when the cards are launched. These are high capacity class 10 cards that can be used on smartphone, tablets and other supported devices.

Many new smartphones that are being launched today support 64GB / 128GB micro SD cards. The class 10 128GB or the 64GB cards are just perfect for such devices. The Kingston 128GB Micro SDXC class 10 card will be offering high capacity storage space and the 64GB micro SDXC card is a high performance storage card with read speed of 90MB/s and write speed of 80MB/s.

No doubt the 64GB card will cost more than the 128GB. The 64GB class 10 cards are specially made for recording 4K 2Kvideos. Some devices can shoot 4K videos and such cards would really be useful.

Both these micro SD cards come with a free micro SD card adapter. These cards will be launched in India soon, stay tuned.

Kingston 128GB

Kingston 128GB card with micro SD adapter

Kingston 64GB

Kingston 64GB card with micro SD adapter

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -