iVooMi has released a teaser video about their next smartphone the iVooMi Me3 and the iVooMi Me3S. These handsets will be launched on 5th September 2017 at an event in Delhi. Key highlight is the shatter proof display on these handsets.

iVooMi has released their first teaser video about their upcoming smartphone. It will be a value for money product and will come with shatter proof display. Handset will be launched in first week of September.

The specifications and the price will be revealed on the day of launch. iVooMi had launched couple of smartphones within the Rs. 5000 range with VoLTE support. This new handset will also come with VoLTE support.

iVooMi smartphone with Shatter Proof display coming soon

Let’s wait and see what the handset specs will be and the price ,  launch date is 5th September. Check the teaser video below.