Google Adwords ( is the prominent term which a marketer would like to associate with during his paid Internet marketing campaign. How good your online campaign would work definitely depends upon your keyword selection, and how good it relates to your business.

Sixt, a major car rental company in Germany made headlines in the marketing world when it experimented with a new way to make its Google Adwords ads stand out from the crowd.

In a word only environment, this made their ads certainly standout. But more importantly – it lead to a 47% more clicks than before.

This may not be a very smart way of doing your internet marketing as in this case, my assumption is that it will only generate more number of clicks with less people buying/using your service. So Yes! It affects your CTR. But this could be a very nice way to make people come to your site to show them what you have in your stable, and possibly to generate an interest among the visitors. Don’t forget: Every loyal visitor of your site stumbled upon your site someday, and that was only his first time.

Think about what a little innovation can do to your advertising campaign before you actually step on to it.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -