The Import tax on many electronic items have been increased by the Government of India. This move is to get popular brands to manufacture in India rather import products from overseas. Import taxes have been increased on Digital Cameras, TV, Microwave Ovens and Mobile phones.

The import tax on Mobile phone was 10% and with this new change it will now be 15%. This means that all brands that are selling their mobile phones in India but are actually importing from China will get affected. The result will be that such brands will be forced to increase the price.

The brands that have already starts manufacturing in India will not be affected by this move and they will also have a price advantage  when compared with others. Many brands have setup their manufacturing hub in India and some are planning to do so.

This tax hike will boost domestic manufacturers said Pankaj Mohindroo, President of the Indian Cellular. This move will affect Apple, cause as of now they are just assembling iPhone SE smartphone in India. Apple is planning to upgrade and get more units manufactured in India.

If you import smartphones from international websites then be ready to pay extra, you will end up paying additional 5% more to what you have been paying.

What do you think about this move?