If you are into gaming then you know the importance of having a good gaming mouse that offers extreme accuracy for FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Here is the review of HyperX PulseFire FPS Gaming mouse, and do check it out.

This HyperX PulseFire FPS is for high end / hardcore gaming users who would not want to compromise on any bit, when it comes to gaming. A small issue can give advantage to your opponents. Since almost all of the main action in a FPS game is controlled by a mouse, it needs to be as good as you are.

The HyperX PulseFire FPS comes with Pixart 3310 sensor with 4 DPI presets that improves accuracy. The 4 preset settings are from 400 to 3200 DPI. This is a optical mouse that improves accuracy, provides fluid and responsive tracking with no acceleration.

HyperX PulseFire FPS gaming mouse review

HyperX PulseFire FPS Specifications

Brand : HyperX
Model : PulseFire FPS
Technology : Optical mouse, using Pixart 3310 sensor with 4 DPI preset (400 to 3200)
Weight : 95 grams
Buttons : 6 Buttons, premium Omron switches for responsiveness and reliability
Grip : Palm / Claw grips, Textures on the left and right side for good grip
Others : Light under the roller, top button and HyperX logo

HyperX PulseFire FPS gaming mouse in use


The HyperX PulseFire FPS does a wonderful job, it is light weight and the textures on the sides (rubber) helps get a good grip. Buttons are responsive and they play well, when you need it the most (while gaming). You get a much better control and always have an edge over your opponents. Plus the shape of the mouse gives you a comfortable usage experience for a longer period.

HyperX PulseFire FPS gaming mouse box packackin


This is a gaming mouse made for gaming users. So if you are into gaming and doing really well with your FPS games and still using an ordinary mouse then better buy this one. HyperX PulseFire FPS does come for a price when compared with other ordinary mouse.

Rating 4.3 out of 5

HyperX PulseFire FPS is listed on Amazon for Rs. 3,936 + 278 delivery charges.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in