HTC today launched the HTC U11 in India. This is a Snapdragon 835 octa core powered handset that will be available in 5 color options and its price in India is Rs. 51,990. Key highlight is the Edge Sense technology that it incorporates.

The HTC U11 features a 5.5 inch screen with Quad HD resolution. This handset comes with dual SIM slots. Front camera can capture in 16MP resolution and rear camera is a 12MP shooter. Android 7.1 with HTC Sensor runs the show.

In terms of memory the HTC U11 is packed with 4GB/6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB ROM. Micro SD card of up to 2TB is supported. There is 3000 mAh battery that gives up to a day of talk time on a full charge.

HTC U11 launched in India

Edge Sense

This is a completely new + revolutionary way of interacting with your smartphone. Simply squeeze the phone edges, yes squeeze, you can even customize it – for example one squeeze will open your favourite app like Twitter or Facebook, when using camera just lift, point at subject, squeeze that’s it.

HTC U11 colors HTC U11

HTC U11 Specifications

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  1. The HTC U11 Sapphire Blue color variant launched in India, you can pre-order from HTC eStore online, shipping will begin from July 30th.

  2. This time pricing of HTC is much better for a flagship device. The camera is rated as the best.

  3. Surely this Jai Achaya is a paid fellow.
    Man from htc.
    Wake up man, Nokia is back…
    Emotionality ….. connecting people …

  4. I own HTC 10, and believe me guys HTC gives one of the best user experience. and not just the squeeze technology, their Audio (vua headphones is THE BEST) if one watches a lot of movues or listen songs on their mobile. Go with HTC. If anybody is looking for flagship device i suppose this is the one.

    P.S: Harry i dun kn abt Jay Acharya but m no elevate member ?

    HTC 10 was My first HTC handset i m madly in love with it, i wish HTC 11 does good, they make really great handset (their marketing and pricing sucks) ?
    Gogi you reviewed S8, i would request you to review this device Please. iBet too will appreciate HTC.

      1. damn! that’s what is wrong with HTC. Bad at marketing. I hope they provide review units to major reviewers in India

  5. Jai Acharya seems to be a HTC elevate member.. I read it somewhere on xda that HTC is going through some new marketing tactic in which it asks it HTC elevate members (private HTC forum) to promote their products and counter the comments on social media and blogs..
    Just look at his comments below.. P.S. no offenses.. Just a guess..

  6. I heard before One Plus 5 is the first mobile comes with snapdragon 835 in India….. But now htc released. What is this?

    1. Because bloggers were busy with OnePlus and did not think other companies are also there …

  7. 6k less than s8. Good job HTC. HTC is back with a good device after long time. It will sell better than S8.

  8. Respected,
    There are lot of sensors in this(Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, Motion G-sensor, Compass sensor, Gyro sensor, Magnetic sensor, Fingerprint sensor, Sensor Hub, Edge Sensor) but shy anyone is not putting IRIS scanner which is very important for AADHAR VERIFICATION.

    1. 1.IRIS tech in mobile is patented by Samsung
      2.Till now there is no service is India which requires adhaar verification for consumers ..even we don’t have Indian payment service using fingerprint .so without implementation of applications there is no use of new tech ..Samsung gave this for seeking attention and it doesn’t mean all will follow same ..
      People were crying for finger print enalbed phones when it was limited to flagship phone but after getting it in budget phones still we are paying amount via OTP or password for services or shopping .

  9. Looks like these guys think of no end of themselves !! I mean even after LG G6’s failure hasn’t had any impact on these guys means,They simply don’t give a shit !

    Well If LG has come from same 52K to 38K one doesn’t have to be a genius to guess what HTC will be doing in couple months time !!

    It’s about time they “Wake up and smell the Coffee”, The Xiaomi’s and LeEco’s of the world are taking India by Strom and these guys still Sleeping and dreaming that with this kind of pricing they concur India ! Dream on is all I say

    And ohh do I even need to mention that the great Google themselves have cancelled the upcoming Pixel2 Phone (PIxel1 being ridiculously overpriced) !

    1. In order to get real flagship you need to pay certain amount , if just same processor coming in cheap phones like Xiaomi’s flagships doesn’t mean others are crap …in fact these cheap flagships are craps , I am still refreting after buying Mi5. Flagships from Sony, Samsung,LG and HTC will have real quality of services from hardware and software as well ..
      People just see amount of ram and processor ‘s model and decide x is awesome and y is crap
      What about camera quality ? , What about number of quality sensors ? What about services which you get in flagship phones ?

    2. Just for information. Google cancelled Pixel XL successor for a bigger phone. They have not cancelled it completely.

  10. Practically it doesn’t make any sense.
    How many will use feature.
    Go for s8 instead…better resale value and performance.

      1. No, better after service . Htc service center one of the worst from experience and samsung u know best in class every way. Iam not a fan of 50k phone using redmi note 4, but if ur spending 50k definitely htc is not a first choice .

  11. Obsolete Brand Dying slowly, People will forget HTC in the next 1-2 Years, thanks to their pricing and market strategy, They were better of as a OEM & ODMs.

    1. Because of cheap quality flagships from Xiaomi, oppo etc.
      (Using Mi5 and still regreting )

  12. Dont buy hyc phones . i have htc 10 and there is not a single update of software it don’t have volte feature .. htc is no good Samsung is better .even htc service is not good .

    1. Don’t worry its not for people like you who have yearly salary of 60000, don’t be bothered 🙂

  13. What a load of crap “squeeze” really…. maybe next time they can even bring “lick ur phone” gimmick…. whata waste of 50k