The HTC One Max with 5.9 inch screen and powered by 1.7GHz quad core processor is listed on Saholic and websites. Themobilestiore is selling it for Rs. 53,909

The HTC One Max is powered by quad core qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064T 600 chipset clocked at 1.7GHz with Adreno 320 GPU. The TFT LCD display size is 5.9 inches with 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Sensors included are accelerometer, light, gyro, proximity, magnetic and fingerprint ID.

The handset comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB/32GB storage options. Micro SD card of up to 32GB is supported. A 4MP rear HTC UltraPixel camera is included with LED smart flash and a 2.1MP camera on the front. Full HD video recording is supported.

HTC One man for Rs. 53,909

HTC One Max runs on Android 4.3 and supports 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi (a/ac/b/g/n), GPS with A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. The 3300 mAh battery gives a pretty good talk time of up to 25 hours on 3G networks. The handset is bulky – weight of 217 grams, thickness is 10.29mm.

The One Max from HTC now available via the Mobile Store for Rs. 53,909.

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  1. Mr Gogi just wanted to ask u if u can suggest me a phone with 5.0 inch screen and around 20000 rs ………looking forward for your rply…

  2. Completely a worst phone .Only idiots will buy this.Also it weights212grams
    .Not easy to hold this useless brick!

  3. Targeted Customers are
    Bade Baap ki Badi Aulad (Money mai, Height me nai)
    Mental Retards (Thodi Akalwale bhi nai kharidege)

  4. htc worst company… the games lag even on snapdragon 600= htc one… fps not up to the mark.. and also the touch response is not good compared to samsung or lg… lol.. and this sh** is worthless 😀

      1. bro play temple run 2..galaxy grand plays it better than HTC.. touch screen response is not as good to Samsung.. btw lg g2 is the best gaming phone i have used

        1. BTW I use a G2 but I am convinced
          a)You used a faulty device
          b)You have never used the HTC One and are commenting on past experience of other HTC phones
          I used it for a couple of weeks and while many things like the black bar that was the option button irritated me and Blinkfeed too I cannot say that the One is a bad gaming device.Only maybe in games like Nova 3 after 45 mins of playing you will notice a frame drop.

          1. bro i am saying that u dont feel the same when u play on a HTC one.. i m saying Samsung feels a lot better… the touch response… apple has the best touch experience… and i feel that only Samsung phones have touch response which can be compared to Apple… i have used HTC one and HTC one x +… both are bad in terms of touch.. now i have g2 which is awesome but i m looking forward to buy n5 😉

  5. HTC has gone mad.. …. mobile bech rhe h ya bike. Isi mobile se crorepati banana chahte h kya.. Indiains ko pagal samjha h kya Jo inki plastic ko 55000/ ya jyada me kharidenge… it’s price should be below 20000/. to compete with Indian brands..

  6. Weight near 200 gms not only weight also price so so high. Better buying idea is for gaming and browsing buy nexus 7 around 9000 for mobile use nuy Nokia 108 near 1500 models like that and also a digital camera near 5000 and even decent laptop near 30000 it cost only 45500. No value for buying mobile above 20000

  7. Goverment shud put regulations on cost of da phones.
    Even restrictions shud be put on a person buying no.of phones in a year.
    All the Chinese brands shud be banned.
    Too much phones cud have an impact on resources.
    Mobile phones r addictive.
    Just a thougt.

  8. 2 nexus 5 are better than this and i would rather buy a pc or laptop or a bike 😀 at this price
    just a thought.

    1. Agree wid u dude…
      No point in wasting money by buying costly phones when our economy is marred by inflation.

      This phone will give competition to Nokia Lumia 1520. Almost similar specs & cost.

    2. coolpad will release galapad s6,a 720p htc one max clone in india for only 15k in january,so friends wait for 40 more days

  9. KBC pai hissa lena parega, HTC bank balance ko khali karne mae soch raha he. Sab Mobile company technology ka nahi paiso ka competition laga rakha hai.

  10. LOL I don’t understand one thing that why there is so much price difference between two brands ..yesterday I saw intex aqua i17 with octa core which would be available in January and its price claiming to be less than 20000…so the point is brands like htc fabricate their phone parts with gold or platinum?

    1. yaa…exactly…wats so special one has to pay thousands of rupees in excess? gold or platinum is not studded inside!

      1. I am not upvoting the price of the HTC Max it is way too high true,but priced at 45k it is a good buy.
        1)Snap600 >>>>>>> Any Mediatek crap.
        2)Adreno 320 >>>>>>> Any PowerVR crap that is found in aforementioned Mediatek crap.
        3)Fingerprint scanner.
        4)Ultra pixel Camera.
        5)Premium build Quality.
        6)Awesome screen,not all 1080p screens are the same take a look at the g2 or the Note3 rest are faded in front of these.
        7)BoomSound and front facing speakers.
        8)The amaizingly slick Sense UI 5.5.
        9)Awesome call quality.
        10)Fast GPS locks
        11)Plethora of sensors including Pedometer
        12)And last but not least the amazing brand value of a brand like HTC
        I agree it is almost 10quid over what it should be but for those who can afford it is a treat to have

        1. ‘ but priced at 45k it is a good buy. ‘ – please don’t misguide people this phone is VFM for 30K only. people like u are allowing monopoly in the name of ‘ brand ‘ for these giants. if you have lot of money do help some poor people rather than buying this brick and play using it like a child…

          1. @Vineeth
            What phone at 30k offers these specs may I know?
            I use a G2 I do not like the Ultrapixel camera I prefer the cam quality of G2 over it but how in hell does a phone at 30k provide all of these stuff?

          2. I think the nexus series was a reason for decreasing or restricting the branded mobile prices. other wise lg g2 may cost 5ok. not 3 may cost 60k. Pure example of looting. The riches will think the items with higher price means item with higher quality. But in my opinion,any device branded or unbranded if you are getting done the purpose and you are happy with it just done. if you want to show off and getting happy and pride by buying this expensive branded kind of set, it is the problem of your mind and it is the win of the marketing strategy of the branded companies.

          3. And the rest?
            Fingerprint Scanner?
            Larger Display?
            Ultrapixel Camera(arguably better than Nexus 5)
            IR Blaster?
            SD card slot?

          4. Seems like money is a joke for you. If its true, please help poor people. 54K can make huge difference in a poor’s life. For phone, nothing but absolute BS. Overpriced yes, but that too by a huge margin. Nothing exciting, nothing to be jump about.

          5. Dude I never said everyone should buy this phone…..I know spending 20k in a phone is considered sacrilege by many.
            There are lots of people who look for different phones at different price points.That is the beauty of Android from 3k to even 2.5Lakhs(phones by Vertu) Android spans the entire range.
            Something that I would like to say about brands.I know if priced accordingly the HTC Max is at most 34-35k phone.However think of one thing at a party if you serve Royal Stag and if you serve Port Wine which one shows class more?You may argue at the end of the day all are alcohol but there is a finer taste and experience.I am not saying money means everything but yes the finer things in life have a brand value and consequently a social status linked to it.No matter how good performing your phone is ,an Apple,HTC Sony or LG or high end Samsung devices(although Samsung does not have that much brand value neither does LG) it immediately gives you a social footing.I know I will probably get a huge number of downvotes but this is the truth about brand value.So for people who are looking to get that footing or move in social circles that demand such standards, the Max would have been a great phone at 45k.
            Peace to everybody;you may continue abusing my ways and views and mentality , you’re most welcome to it.
            PS:If you are very creative at sarcasm I may even give you a +1

          1. Dear amartya …I agreed your point of view about branded phones and social status …but one question how can we use a mobile with 220gm weight comfortably… Am personally used Nokia 620 and lava iris 504q ….but am comfortable with lava iris 504q over lumia 620…it is just because of the lite weight not based on brand value or quality…so if we spend 50k according to my opinion it must be user friendly and weight should not exceed 140gm and should have all the above features …

  11. thank god samy not using aluminium if it use premium materials than note 3 could have cost around 60000 to 65000 since 6 months old spec device cost 54k..

  12. one can get a new honda activa or any decent two wheeler for this money! money doesnt grow on trees! only a real fool buy this!

  13. HTC has seriously gone insane with pricing of all their recent models.
    Digging their own grave with these blunders.. 😛

  14. That too When Octa-core ticking at 1.7Ghz launched for 20k they launch Quadcore at 1.7Ghz at 54k 😀

  15. Wow who would have believed that phones can cost 54k 5 years ago. I remember N80 from Nokia was one of the costliest phone we could get our hands on and it was around 25k.