HP launched the Spectre 13 world’s thinnest laptop that is just 10.4mm thick and weight is around 1.1 Kg. Though the HP Spectre 13 can proudly claim to be the thinnest, it isn’t cheap – priced starts from Rs. 1,19,990.

HP Spectre 13 features and specifications

This laptop comes with optional Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors. It’s using Hyperbaric cooling technology that not only pushes heat out of the system but also draws in cool air to keep the processor temperature under control for optimal performance.

The HP Spectre laptop sports a 13 inch IPS screen with full HD resolution.  Screen comes with edge to edge corning gorilla glass protection (scratch resistant and durable). Other features are integrated HD Graphics 520 GPU, Back-lit Keyboard, glass track-pad, piston hinge design, Windows 10 OS, 8GB RAM, 2×2 WiFi Antenna, USB Type C port, PCLe SSD storage up to 512GB, HP Audio Boost technology, dual HP speakers and Bang & Olufsen Audio.

HP Spectre 13 thinnest laptop in the world

HP Spectre 13 premium laptop launched in India

The HP Spectre 13 with i5-6200U processor comes with 256GB SSD PCIe storage and the Intel Core i7 variant comes with 512GB SSD PCIe storage.  Spectre laptop hybrid battery as per the company gives up to 9 hours of battery life on a full charge.

HP Spectre Hyperbaric cooling technology

HP Spectre 13 price in India starts from Rs. Rs. 1,19,990.

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  1. For this price, I ought to get a
    a) touchscreen(silly not to have it for W10)
    b) a monitor that can be turned back to front(with the keyboard behind it rather than in front for consuming multimedia)
    c) edge-less screen(since you have edge-to-edge glass protection anyway why stick a big black bezel behind the glass? Stupid)

    And I hope thay haven’t forgotten an ethernet port with all this hoopla about thinness

  2. Good option for businessman not for student and common man, but truly amazing specifications!

  3. oh my eyes y u didnt see dat zero after 9 yeah exactly i missed dat damn zero n thot dat it was 11999 k nw m feeling stupid