The Hover Camera Passport is here and it is priced at $549. This is actually a flying camera, kind of a drone that follows you, can track your face / body, it’s easy to use and can capture 4K videos in 360 degrees.

Hover Camera Passport features

This unique device works like a drone and has camera built-in. It is light weight at about 242 grams. Unfold it, power on and it is ready to use. This device will hover automatically, it can record your activities, follows you, can detect your body and/or face.

Hover Camera Passport is using a carbon fiber body, there are 4 Propellers that are used to stabilize the flight, it is safe to use – you can even grab it mid air to retrieve it. This Hover Camera can be used for recording yourself autonomously, it will circle around, it can even record in 360 degrees.

There is built in WiFi that you can use to connect the Hover Camera with other devices like smartphone, tablet and also control the device. This device works best in non-windy conditions. It can shoot still photos and can record videos in 4K resolution, built in stabilizer will guarantee smooth shots.

Hover Camera Passport for $549

Hover Camera Passport Specifications

Weight : 242 grams with battery
Max Speed : 17mph
Control Distance : 65ft
WiFi : 2.4/5 GHz
Max Hovering time : 10 minutes
Camera : 13MP f/2.0 (CMOS) / 4K recording @ 30fps – stabilization
Storage : 32GB built in
ISO : 100 to 3200
Battery : 1360mAh

Price and availability

The Hover Camera Passport is not officially available in India, you can however buy this from hover camera website for $549 (approx Rs. 36,000).

By Sunil V