Honor to launch a new smartphone on 24th July

Just got an invite from Honor they are launching a new smartphone on 24th July 2018. The hashtag is #NOORDINARYBEAUTY. This handset will also most likely come with dual cameras. Stay tuned for the official launch.

No other details have been leaked but as per reports the company could launch a successor variant of Honor 9i, if you may recall the Honor 9i did really well and this new handset is presumed to be the 9i successor, may be called Honor 9x.

There are certain specs that you can assume the new handset will come packed with like the full view display that has become a trend and now the Notch Style is gaining attention so most likely the new handset will feature a Notch screen.

honor launch invite

Like other Honor smartphones this one will be Kirin octa core powered. Expect dual cameras – we will need to see if there are dual cameras on the front. If this indeed is successor to the Honor 9i handset then we can expect a really good and tempting price tag.


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