The Honor 8 Pro will be launched soon, i.e. on July 7th. I had already done the unboxing video of this handset and now here is a glimpse of main feature that makes the 8 Pro a lot different with compared with handsets using dual camera setup. And that has to do with the dual cameras.

Honor 8 Pro makes use of the same dual camera technology that we have seen on the Honor 8. But Honor has improved the camera quality a lot. When using the wide aperture mode on  the Honor 8 Pro you now get much better, more detailed and more professional shots.

Their new algorithm perfectly detects the subject (in focus) edges and keeps the subject sharper while blurring the background. The end result is that the subject looks sharper and there is hardly any mixing of background vs the subject.

Honor 8 Pro camera (12MP + 12MP on back) is no doubt excellent, I will give my final camera rating once the review is up.  But there is more –  one big addition on the Honor 8 Pro.

Honor 8 Pro Wide Aperture mode now in Video

You might have seen the Honor 8 / any other handset with dual cameras – you know how the wide aperture mode works and what kind of bokeh / professional looking photos it can capture in that mode. Honor has taken this a little further, they have added the Wide Aperture Mode in videos too – that’s right in videos mode too.

So when using Video mode in Honor 8 Pro you get the Wide Aperture Mode option, enable that to get same bokeh effects in videos too – same rule applies i.e. the subject should be within 1 to 6 feet distance.

Check the video below – have recorded some videos with Wide Aperture Mode.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -