The key attraction on the Honor 8 handset is the 12MP RGB plus 12MP Monochrome cameras on the back. The camera app with a host of modes makes it so easy to capture professional photos. I have included some images to give you an idea what the Honor 8 camera is capable of.

Honor 8 dedicated hardware for sensors

This handset is using an i5 intelligent dedicated co-processor for the sensors, this helps improve response time and also extends battery life. The handset does get a bit hot along the sides near the camera module, but battery temperature is well under control.

The Wide aperture mode is awesome, shoot first focus later; if you follow the instructions mentioned when using the wide aperture mode you can get near about DSLR type of quality. There are several modes including slow motion. Another mode called Light Painting is awesome, you got to try that mode, check the sample images below, on some images I have used that mode.

honor 8 wide aperture camera quality

If you are using filters try the black and white mode, the output is more detailed. I will let the images do the talking (typing…) and also check a special video I created using the Honor 8 handset.

Honor 8 normal mode samples Long shots

Honor 8 Wide Aperture samples

Honor 8 Light Painting Sample

Low light shot

Video created using the Honor 8 handset

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -