Haylou LS01 Smartwatch looks great, has got that premium look, it’s sleek and features a color touch screen display. The battery life is also pretty decent of about 14 days. 

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Expiry Date: February 29th

Haylou LS01 specs

Can track 9 sports mode

Gives up to 14 days of battery life

Built in Heart rate sensor (auto and manual modes) – keep track of your heart rate throughout the day

Haylou LS01

Sleep management

210 mAh battery

IP68 water proof1.3 inch screen visible under sunlight

34 grams weight

message, app, call notifications

Watch faces option

The performance was good, battery life is decent and this smartwatch does give consistent results. Best thing that I liked about this smartwatch is the look, you feel happy when you open the box and wear the watch and use for first time – does not look cheap – worth the money.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in