How many of you got the CDLA earphone from

I bought the LeEco Le 2 smartphone from the LeMall website, ordered the handset on 28 June 2016, I am still waiting for the CDLA earphones. Did any of you who ordered the handset from the LeMall website have received any message from the company regarding the CDLA earphone?

On 28th I made two transactions one was by mistake and that was cancelled immediately, I am still waiting for the refund for the same, its already been 15 days since then and still no update. Well the same is the case with CDLA earphones, no updates.

I guess those who ordered from site will get a coupon code that they will need to use on the same site to order the earphone. Their toll free helpline is also non-responsive, I tried couple of times. waiting for refund

Thankfully the submit ticket system is working but again not sure if anyone is reading that on the other end.

Let me know about your site experience.

Update : I am still waiting for the refund as of now, I got a email a week back, saying refunds take 7 to 21 days. It will be 21 working days next week, lets see.


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