If you have a 4G VoLTE enabled smartphones you can visit Reliance Digital or Xpress Mini stores, submit the required details, fill the form and get a free Jio SIM card. I just did that and I want to share my experience.

I visited the local Xpress Mini Store today, there was no rush as such, as I had gone a bit early and the Mini Sore staff were quite friendly, they allowed me to fill the form half an hour before they usually would, and soon other people started coming in wanting a free Jio SIM.

Which handsets can you use with Jio preview offer?

Though couple of brands have enrolled, the Jio 4G will work on any handset with 4G LTE support. Now getting a Jio preview SIM for the handset not listed on the official Reliance site might get a bit tricky, well actually depends on Reliance Digital store / Xpress Mini stores – some just ask you if you have a 4G smartphone, no code required just fill form submit documents and that’s it, however some stores will ask for mode, better carry the specific model that is listed and some ask for the generated code.

Reliance Jio SIM with Jio Preview offer

Documents required for Jio Preview offer

You need photo id and address proof. A single Aadhaar card (front and back Xerox) is more than enough. Make sure to carry original docs too. Also don’t forget to carry a passport size photo, better carry two just in case.

Filling the Customer Acquisition Form

You need to fill in the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) very carefully. There should be no mistakes and entry should be in capital. The address part is especially important you need to input that accurately, better consult the Reliance staff present there, in fact they will be available to assist you.

The address should be as mentioned on the proof you might have submitted. I guess the details are automatically verified by reliance and hence a small mistake could reject your application. So better do it right the first time. Note – the address you usually enter might be in a different format, should be as mentioned on the address proof document.

This is also the reason why there is a lot of crowd at Reliance store for Jio SIM, the CAF form filling takes time.

Is the Jio SIM free?

After submitting the form you will get a free SIM that will get activated within 2 days after successful verification. You will get an SMS’s on your alternate number when SIM is active / rejected.

What do you get with Jio Preview

You get 90 days free data, voice and SMS.

I have submitted the documents and got the SIM, will update once the SIM gets activated. If you have any queries or want to share your experience leave a comment below.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in