As you are all aware that Reliance will soon launch their DTH services – the Reliance Jio DTH, probably within few months.   There is no official announcement from the company yet, however you  might have seen – Get Free My Jio DTH Offer 2017 Advance Booking options on net, social media, whatsapp etc, well it’s a SCAM, beware.

Get Free My Jio DTH Offer 2017 Advance Booking is a  SCAM

Get free My Jio DTH offer content you will find an Facebook and Whatsapp, and this is going viral. Interesting thing to note is that Reliance has not yet announced anything about Jio DTH. So how can they start Advance Booking.

You might have seen Jio Gigafiber DTH Registration on Facebook / Whatsapp, they even have a site called it is total fake, do not fill the registration form. If you check the website, below the form it says your personal information will be kept secret (ha!).

And if you go all the way down on the page you will find the terms and condition read the fine print that says “MyJioDTH is not Affiliated with Reliance or Jio in anyway“.

Reliance Jio DTH Scam - Get Free My Jio DTH Offer 2017 Advance Booking  SCAM

So why this Jio DTH Welcome Offer Registration Form?

This is pure SCAM, it is not Reliance Jio but a spammer who got a easy way to collect your name, mobile number your address, your state. Do not fill in the info, just ignore this.

Do note that whenever Reliance Jio DTH services  goes live with DTH they will publically announce the same just like they did with Reliance Jio SIM. Regarding Reliance JIO DTH launch date that should happen soon.

Whenever DTH goes live Reliance might come with exciting Jio DTH Plans, Price and offers.

What can you do about the Get Free My Jio DTH Offer 2017 Advance Booking SCAM

Well do not fill in your info, ignore it and share this article with as many friends as possible on Facebook, Social media, Whatsapps etc.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -