Flipkart’s biggest ever sales started today. Unfortunately their server crashed many a times, especially when the big sales began at around 8AM. There were many good offers but the most craziest were Galaxy Tab 2 for Rs. 1,390 and some more.

Flipkart had made the Galaxy Tab 2 P3110 available for Rs. 1,390; 2TB HHD drive for Rs. 600; JBL headset for Rs. 99 and more. I guess they had very limited units for such a crazy price, it did had an impact on the Flipkart server. I am not sure how many really got these devices for such a price.

I have been checking for deals through the day and did find many exciting deals. The Canvas Nitro was available for Rs. 10,999 for limited time and the digiflip still available for Rs. 3,999. In fact there were many good offers (if you were aware of the product price).

Interestingly the Nokia X showed for Rs. 999 and I immediately added it to the cart. There was some issue but finally got one in the cart however I was not able to check out, the cart would go empty, but when I refreshed the page it showed (1) in the cart. After few minutes the Nokia X was visible in the cart but at its originally price of about Rs. 9K (approx).

big billion crazy offer from Flipkart

So how was your experience Big Billion day experience (well it is still ongoing)!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in