Flipkart Big App Shopping days from 21st to 23rd December

Flipkart’s Big App shopping days are back, starting from 21st to 23rd December. Flipkart will be offering exciting deals for few days, users can also available extra 10% cash back using Citi and Standard Chartered credit cards.

You need to use the Flipkart app for crazy deals. There are unbelievable deals across all categories, so in case you were planning to buy something, check it now. If you use Citi credit cards you can get 10% cash back for minimum transaction amount of ₹4,999 and max cap is 1750 per card.

With Standard Charted credit / debit cards the max cap is ₹2,000 per card.

Here are some exiting deals

Flipkart big days - big app shopping days

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