If you are using Window operating system, you might have encountered this crcdisk.sys problem at some point of time. Though this is a rare case, this error is caused when there is a power outage especially after few seconds of switching on the system.

I am using Windows Vista 64 bit and I have faced this problem few number of times thanks to the power outage that is common in India. When you start your system and the Windows OS is preparing to load itself and at such a point if there is a power failure you might end up with windows not booting at all.

Switch on the system and as soon as the Windows OS is loaded you will be greeted by a blank screen for a very long time which would indicate the system is frozen. Reboot again and this time press the F8 key and choose safe mode. You will find that after few scrolls the windows OS will be stuck at crcdisk.sys file.  This indicates there is some problem with the crcdisk.sys file which may have been corrupted.

How to fix windows crcdisk.sys error
How to fix windows crcdisk.sys error

How to fix the crcdisk.sys error on Windows operating system

You can get this error on almost all windows OS from windows vista to windows 7. If you have a bootable USB disk or CD you can try to get into the c: drive and issue the chkdsk /r command.

The other option is to use the installation disk and go into repair mode.

But before you proceed with the above two mentioned solutions. I would suggest you try the following solution which surprisingly has worked for me every time I get this error.

The fix is simple just start the system and press F8 to enter into selection mode. Select the safe mode option and let windows get stuck at the crcdisk.sys. Now just leave it as is. It may take about few minutes; by that time if you have another PC or laptop just continue working on that for the time being. It may sound weird but after few minutes most probably within 15 minutes or so the system reboots by itself and windows actually work.

If you get this error try it out leave it as it is in frozen mode and windows should fix by itself, try it, if it does not work you always have an option to repair / re-install the OS. Also make sure your windows OS is up to date.

Leave a comment if it worked for you.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in