As you all know PUBG Mobile is banned in India, and so far there is no other game to fill up the empty space that PUBG has created. There are however FreeFire and COD but still they have not managed to replace PUBG.

FAU-G however could change that, and this is India made game. Pre-registrations have opened and the FAU-G got a good response. You can search Google Play for FAU-G. This game will be launched soon, and in case you are wondering how FAU-G will be / looks like, then do check the video trailer that the company rolled out. 

The trailer is kind of okay specially when you look at the animation, not sure how the game will be and if it can compete with PUBG or at least be up to that level.

Fau-G India PUBG

There is also news that PUBG will be back they may launch a India specific PUBG Mobile India version that follows guidelines as set by the Government of India.

Do have a look at the FAU-G trailer and let me know what you think about this India made game?

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  1. Point is against whom we gonna fight in this game. How can a Indian army man can fight against another army man. If this is not the gameplay, then who would like to become a enemy and fight against our virtual army. Afterall one will say that he defeated Indian army.