Facebook no doubt is one of the most popular social networking platform and those using Facebook on mobile most likely will be using the Facebook messenger app. Well Facebook has now added a feature, i.e. gaming on FB Messenger.

If you have installed or using the latest Facebook messenger app you will be able to play games right in your messaging conversations. There are many instant games like Pac-Man, Words, Track & Field 100M, Space Invaders, EverWing, Galaga to name a few. Facebook Messenger with gaming experience will be made available in selected countries on both Android and iOS platforms.

How to play games on Facebook Messenger?

Just starts a conversation with your friend, then tap game controller icon, select a game and start playing. After you finish – say round 1, your friend/s in the conversation will see the score and can challenge you.

Games that you can play on Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger games can be played in solo or you can challenge your friends via Messenger. If you have tried the Facebook Instant Games on Messenger do leave your comments below.