Epson the well known brand and the leader in printing solutions and digital imaging is at No. 1 position when it comes to Inkjet printer market (by value and volume). This is as per IDC’s HCP (hard copy peripherals) report for Q1 2017.

The main reason was the shift from cartridge based to inktank based technology. These inktank printers are kind of pricey when you buy them initially, but in the long run they are way too cheaper and more reliable. In fact now customers are more inclined towards the inktank printers than laser printers.

As per the IDC’s report Epson captured the inkjet market by 42.9% (by volume) where as HP’s market shared declined to 39.4%. Inktank printers were introduced by Epson in 2011, if you may recall we did a review of Epson L210 and that printer is still doing well.

Epson Leads in Inkjet printer market

Revenue Share India Inkjet market for 2017 Q1 – Epson is at 52%, HP at 35%, Canon at 10% and Brother at 3%. The extremely low cost of inktank printer i.e. 7 paise for black and 18 paise for color struck the chord and also helped Epson grow over the years.