The Epson L210 is an all in one printer (print, scan and copy) with ink tank system and ultra low running cost. The initial investment is high but the running cost is quite low. This printer is priced at Rs. 10K approx.

L201 Box pack
Inside the box there is the printer, installation CD, quick start guide, power adapter, USB cable and color bottles (Black, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan).

Epson L201 Design and Installation
The L201 is compact and doesn’t take much of the space. The buttons are on the front side. The tank is little transparent – you can see the INK levels. You need to refill once the Ink reaches the lower line.

After Unboxing the Epson Printer you will first need to remove the protective tapes, and then fill in the colors from the bottle into the ink tank, the process is the same when re-filling. Once done you need to press the power button and then another button (check video review) to charge up the ink. The ink charging process takes about 20 minutes.

Once done you need to install the software from the CD and then when asked connect the printer. The installation is done.

Epson L210 box pack

Cost factor
I was using the HP deskjet F4100 all in one printer before, and now since my printouts have increased it was not at all affordable. For every HP cartridge (black colour) I would spend Rs. 950.

I had two options, one was to choose the HP All in One 1050 model for under Rs. 4500 and the cartridge would cost Rs. 466 (black) (120 page yield). This seemed a cheaper option but if look closely and read the fine prints you will find that for Rs. 466 you get a small black Ink cartridge, the large HP cartridge will cost you Rs. 1000. The color cartridge is even more expensive. The costing I think will come to the same as on my HP deskjet printer.

There is a single color cartridge that houses all the 3 colors. If any particular color gets empty the cartridge becomes useless even when the other colors compartment have some ink left. You can still take the printouts but the color production will be unnatural.

Epson L210 review

Also since I take a lot of color printouts, I choose the Epson L210. The L210 initial cost is under Rs. 10,000 but the ink cost is Rs. 375 per bottle. With the tank system you can fill in the ink as and when required for the specifics colors (optimal use of ink). The back ink bottle can print up to 4000 pages (page yield); the page yield will usually be less than 4000 (depending on your usage) but still its affordable.

There is built in scanner that can be used to scan documents or print it directly (scan & print). There is the choke valve on the ink tank that comes handy when moving the printer from one location to another (minimize leaks).

  • Bi /  Uni directional printing.
  • 5760×1440 dpi print resolution.
  • Speed – 27 pages per minute (black colour).
  • Scanner – optical resolution 600×1200 dpi.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Windows OS / Mac OS compatible.
  • Page yield : Black – up to 4000 pages | Colour – up to 6500 pages.
  • Epson Genuine ink bottle cost Rs. 374.

Epson L210 review
A good printer for home and office use with optimal ink usage and ultra low cost running. The print quality both black / white and color is very good. If you’re print requirements are high then go for this model – it will be cheaper in the long run. In case your print requirement is less, but still can afford the initial cost, then too it’s a good buy.

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Epson L201 unboxing and review video

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  1. Sir ,
    How often do I have to press the recharge button ?
    Once in a day or each time I’ve to print something?
    Please clarify!

    1. please do not buy this epson l210 printer has time bomb counter 15.000 pages need reset by service center to reset or else you can not use the printer even you new refill toner,business wise you have this printer you lease 450 pesos to reset idiot condition to owner user.

      1. I have been using L200 for last 2 years. Yes there is a built in counter, we wont be knowing. After certain usage printer will refuse to print, they display would state something inkpad full or something. There is a software available to reset the counter. Do that, printer gets back life!. I have no complaint whatsoever. After several hundred pages need head cleaning couple of occasions. That is also automatic.

  2. hi.. Shop work best printer color print and photo paper print
    Sir kon sa printer sahe rhega jis ki printing quality best ho aur printing speed
    plz sent the printer model

  3. Dear sir, I want to buy EPSON L210. Plz let me know that what maximum gsm photo paper can be used. and would this printer be worth to buy as cost is very high. can I use other inks than epson. Plz clarify the same…

  4. I am using L210 printer. The best thing about this printer is affordable printing. But let me tell you one problem with it . It does not goes well with Photo Paper. Upto 120 GSM its fine but 160 (being the last for it ) is an issue. I have just used it for 45 days and whenever I try to take out photo prints, the paper feed either does not load the paper or it just passes through without working. The service centre people came thrice by now trying to resolve the same. They do that , but just a temporary solution. The same happens again after 5-10 days. So , beware of it !

    1. Hi yes I had the same issue with HP printer, you need to get a slimmer glossy paper for photo print (you have mentioned over 160GSM creates issues).

    2. m using oddy 180gsm paper for photo print, but i hvnt faced any problem yet, it might be cause of moisture in paper

  5. I know my question is off the topic but since you know more about L210 ..why does it keep printing an extra page with file information, file directory, template, title … My printer is an epson L210. … Now whenever you print you should get just what you printed, not the document properties along with it. How do you fix this one?

  6. I am planning to buy a printer, for my stationery shop, plz suggest me a model as I just want to give a start.

  7. Does the Printer use a pigment based ink or a dye based ink? What is the water resistance of the prints?

    I am considering buying this printer.

    Will be happy if you let me know


  8. gogi, does the ink of this printer dry up like other ink jet printers, if not used for some time

    1. No that fast, but if you are not using it for a longer time then there is a choke valve to stop the ink flow into the printer.

  9. can we print on photo paper with l210 printer ? if yes i shall buy this printer asap…. plz revert ….

  10. hello Gogi,
    I am planning to get an all in one printer for domestic use.can spend up to 12K.
    The results should be worth enough and should be easy to maintain.
    Waiting for your advice .
    Have a nice day!

    1. Rahul, am using the L210, before that had a HP deskjet. I am more than happy with this printer, the ink system is good, print outs are good and I am getting much more printout per ink bottler. Moreover each print bottle cost is under Rs. 400.

      1. Ordered Brother DCP-7065DN Laser Mono Multifunction Printer through Snapdeal Rs. 12643/- on 08.10.2013
        This seems to be suitable for my small office purpose.

  11. Can this L210 printer System use other inks besides the ones from Epson? For example, can i use the same ink i used to refill HP cartridges.

  12. I have got a Epson L210 to replace my Lexmark x204 Laser printer.

    This is so far my best decision!

    The Lexmark x204 Laser SUCKS. Print quality is average of laser printers but the scanning is the most stupid process that I have encounter. Totally cumbersome and unfriendly. Worst, that stupid machine breaks down in slightly more than a year when the warrantly just expired. Din even want to keep the machine for the scanning because it is some cumbersome and unfriendly. Worst printer that I have used so far.

    After the bad experience, the L210 was totally the different end. Wow, beautiful prints with colors and I don’t bother to set default to b&W because the cost is so cheap! Printing speed was better than any other inkjet that I have used. If you are printing text, speed is comparable to the stupid Lexmark x204 laser.

    Text for the L210 was another surprise, comparable to laser. In fact, can’t tell the difference from the L210 prints to the laser prints.

    For those who have intention of getting the Epson L series, go for it, it is worth the investment.

  13. I am planning to buy a printer, for my stationery shop, plz suggest me a model as I just want to give a start.

    1. the Epson L200 or L210 printer is very economic in terms of ink cost and yields more prints than any other printer. I own one in my business and I print a lot.
      Has given me a lot of satisfaction and I don’t have to worry about refilling or buying cartridges

  14. What software would you recommend for printing photos with the L210? The Cannon printers come with “Cannon Easy Print” software so you can easily select photos, paper size and finishing, multiple photos per page, rotate or crop photos before printing etc etc. The Epson doesn’t come with such software which is quite odd. Is it really not designed for photo printing???

  15. saw this review on flipkart. 7 mins for scanning? too slow. canon Lide is better,
    reviewer says-

  16. Dear Gogi,
    I would like to know if there is any low cost mfd available in India which can scan legal size paper.
    Please reply.


  17. We purchased this printer and looks good. The PDF generated by the scanner is larger in file size. Do you have any suggestions to keep the PDF size smaller with 300dpi or 600dpi resolution for a simple black and white text document?

    1. Hi when using the Epson scan mode, Select screen /web as the destination that will set the resolution to 96dpi – small size pdf.

  18. Hi,

    I plan to buy this printer. Since you have been using it for a couple of months, based on your usage can you let me know your opinion about print quality, running costs as expected and any specific issue you had with regard to using it.


    1. Hi the print quality is good and still using the same INK that came with the box. Had I been using my old HP printer I would have changed the ink cartridge by now.

  19. Hi, I want to buy the l110 or l300 (is the speed only difference, or any other upgrade?)

    I take 1000 pages at once only one time in a year for business use.
    after that mostly 1-2 prints monthly but might change…

    but my concern is after sales service and cheap ink. and the ink pad thingy on the internet is that if it is full, it should be replaced how much it costs?

    now how is your printer doing? how many b/w pages and color pages you get for a bottle(4 colors(C,M,Y,Bk))

    I have a Veedee d10dc, i bought it after reading your review. and please review TPLink WDR3600, a budget dual band, gigabit router with 2 usb ports and aftermarket firmware support(not fully)

  20. I want to buy this printer. I have to print more than 1200 pages (both b/w & color) in one month……….is this printer ok for me. Is there any problem with printer like resetting????

  21. I m intersted to buy a aio colour printer my frd suggest me epson l210 i want to know that it a good aio or not

  22. Please fwd a suitable printer with scanner model L-210 and price list for my office use as well as home

    Thanking you

  23. Hey gogi please tell me cheapest black and white printer from Any company but should print maximum pages without any maintanance

  24. @anil,@surya or any other person who takes few printouts per month or person who doesn’t need scan functions, doesn’t need to mess up his home space by buying a new printer which may cost Rs 3.9 to Rs 6.6 per page. Better trouble-free (no worry of ink drying out) and convinient option is to take printout from market who charge only Rs 1 or 2 per printout. This includes cost of page also!

  25. I have this printer since last month. It works pretty good, but is pretty low on features. Also the build quality is pretty poor and light.

    In comparison, A similarly priced brother printer(with aftermarket ink tank) is much more solid, comes with networking and similar performance.

    But the downside to using an ink-tank type printer(or HP print advantage) is that you have to replace the printhead after 2 years. in my 9000 rs printer it cost Rs 3000/-.
    But in HP printers which come with expensive cartridges, you get a new head with every new cartridge. So costs in the long run don’t vary a lot. It is like a diesel car, vs petrol car you need to use more to save more and justify the extra cost

  26. I used L200 printer which was a similar printer. The co. is making extremely false statements. This is the slowest printer in the market. There is no printer slower then this in the market. Print quality is also extremely poor.

    After 5000 prints it starts giving errors (which is due to programming in the printer chip). The service cost is Rs. 2000/- Approx. That is done with the software.

    The co. simply is cheating the customers. Finally I sold the printer for 2000 after 3 months.

    1. Thanks Rajinder, I have just started using it so far no issues, will update in case I find any problem.

  27. Hi gogi,

    One question , will the printer work if we fill up just one tank , say BLACK?


    1. I don’t think so but better not take the risk cause its mentioned on the printer that keep the ink level over the minimum line and avoid using the printer after that as it could damage the printer. I guess the ink is move to the printer via fine pipe and care should be taken.

  28. This is my 1st time i visited ur site and youtube channel and find Nice and detailed review.

    actually I am confusing which printer to buy, my requirements is very low….. 5-10 black print every month.

    low budget cartridge is high and due to my low usage always fear of cartridge dry out.

    so suggest me good budget printer thanks.

    1. If your requirement is very low then the best is to go with HP printer the cartridge is costly but should be good enough for your usage. Also you need to use the printer at least once in 15 days to keep the ink is good condition. Also cover the printer properly when not in use.

    2. For 5-10 pages per day you should not buy a printer worth more than 2000/-. HP printers are available for that much. 5 to 10 pages per day would translate to 1500 pages per annum.

      The cartridge which comes with the printer will give you 200 prints. The refilling cost is Rs. 50/-

      The printers are available for 1700/- Add the cost of refilling and you will be able to print about 2000 pages for Rs. 2000/-

      And if you are lucky next year cost will be 500-600. The printers usually do not last for more than 2 years.

      So that way you it will be much cheaper to go for HP printer

  29. hi Gogi,
    Im first time seeing a review in ur site which is not a mobile review.I thank u for this new product review. for me its helpful, as im also searching a printer to buy, but however my need is very low, i hardly take a 30 printouts in a month and also lookin for all in one printer(colour) at a reasonable cost…so can u pls suggest me a best option in the market to buy.

    1. Surya, depending on the number of print outs you can choose the printer. The HP All in One 1050 should be okay with you (cost around Rs. 3790). The cartridge cost is Rs.466 but can print around 120 page, in general say over 70 pages. So if you will print 30 pages per month you will need to buy the cartridge every 3 to 4 months which is good enough considering your requirement.

      1. Hi Gogi,

        See every one is asking about low price all in 1 printer.

        Pls do a review in detail for it.
        See that it should also have steps how to refill the ink in cartridge.


        1. HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer Series – J410 is also a good option in 3-4K range.

  30. Please compare with a laser jet printer as the cost is about 10k.. I think laser jet will work out to be cheapest on the long run

    1. Most Laserjet printer can print only in Black and LaserJet color printers are too costly.

  31. gogi what about a canon mp287 or mp1050 ( as they are same priced all in one less than 4k) with third party CISS kit.. is it worth pricewise / qyality wise?

  32. gogi sir for 9000 rupees I can buy a laser multi function printer(Black and white). so is it better to buy this or go for laser printer

    thanks in advance

  33. My print requirements are low. will d ink dry out? i.e. can i use the same ink bottle for 3-4 months at least.

    1. Suryakant, the ink will not dry out fast. If you use the printer for once every week or two it should be fine.