Domestic flights sometimes turn out boring without any entertainment system, but not with Jet Airways thanks to their JetScreen entertainment system, active now. The next time you fly Jet Airways (domestic) don’t forget to check out – ‘JetScreen‘.

What is Jet Airways JetScreen ?

It’s a in-flight entertainment system that makes use of WiFi – JetScreen tagline ‘Our Entertainment. Your screen’ that basically means you need to use your mobile, tablet or laptop to access the system.

How to connect and use JetScreen?

You need to download Airtime player to play content, this app is available on Android Google Play store as well as on Apple App Store. It is important that you download this app before boarding the flight, in case you haven’t done that.

Once you enter the plane, you need to switch on Airplane  Mode, then enable WiFi on your devices and select the JetScreen network. Once done launch web browser and enjoy in-flight entertainment, or type in URL bar and press enter/ok. Android users better use stock android browser or Google Chrome and Apple users can use Mobile Safari.

Jet Airways JetScreen entertainment launched

The Jet Airways JetScreen service is currently complementary. Don’t forget to carry a headphone / earphone.

Content that can be accessed via JetScreen

TV, Games, Flight tracker, Music and Movies.

Check this page for more information.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -