The DOMO nHance VRF1 is another VR headset inspired by Google Cardboard. This headset however is made of plastic and is a lot durable when compared with the cardboard. This VR is available in India for Rs. 149.

Unboxing the DOMO nHance VRF1 – Inside the box you will get the VR, specs and details are mentioned on the box back itself. Also this is a Made in India product.

Design and Quality

The DOMO nHance VRF1 body is made of complete plastic, build and finishing is good. ¬†This headset kind of looks like spectacles , and you need to use it the other way. There are two ‘U’ shape mounts that will hold your smartphone.

DOMO nHance VRF1 box pack

Now you can use smartphones with 4 inch screen up to smartphones with 6.5 inch screen. The smartphone mounting process is quite simple, you just need to place it on the mount. The base of the mount is plastic but the back support comes with a rubber ring that will prevent scratches on the smartphone and also help get a good grip.

DOMO nHance VRF1 review

The lens quality is very good compared to the price of the product. There is one thing, this is not a total hands free VR but in fact you will need to use both your hand to prevent the smartphone from sliding off accidentally.

DOMO nHance VRF1 plastic VR headset

Check the video review (in Hindi) to see the DOMO nHance VRF1 in action.

DOMO nHance VRF1 plastic VR Hindi inscription


There is no button on this VR. I tried some VR apps and they worked great. The viewing experience was pretty sharp and to some extent comfortable. But with longer usage it will get quite uncomfortable.

Note: This headset does not require a button to interact. It is a open headset design so users can directly touch the phones screen to interact with the phone. The QR code already has this message encrypted which informs the app about this and they in turn allow tapping on screen.

DOMO nHance VRF1 lens quality

Also for better VR experience your smartphone should come with GYRO sensors.

DOMO nHance VRF1 attached with smartphone


The DOMO nHance VRF1 is a low cost VR headset that is made of good quality plastic. This is a made in India product and Hindi characters are embossed on the outer side. The VRF1 is durable and will last for a longer period of time. Best part is it is easy to use, and hardly takes any time setting up for VR experience. Just take care not to damage the lens.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

DOMO nHance VRF1 VR headset is priced at Rs. 149 you can get it for Rs. 99 on Shopclues (plus Rs. 49 shipping).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -