Datamini 2-in-1 is an interesting tablet that sports a 10.1 inch screen and powered by Intel Atom quad core processor. This tablet comes with detachable keyboard but the unique part is that it supports dual boot – when ever you boot the tablet you will get an option to either load Android Lollipop 5.1 or load Windows 10. All this for ₹12,036.

The Datamini 2-in-1 houses the Intel ATOM Z3735F quad core processor clocked at 1.3GHz and that can be turbo boosted up to 1.8GHz – coupled with Intel HD graphics processor. There is 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage space. The micro SD slot also supports cards of up to 32GB – in total you get around 64GB space (internal + external).

The tab sports a 10.1 inch IPS screen (touchscreen) supporting 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. A 5MP camera is packed on the rear and there is a 2MP front facing camera. Other features are dual speakers, mic, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, keyboard, mini USB, Standard USB, mini HDMI port, micro SD slot and SIM slot with 3G support.

Datamini 2-in-1-tablet, dual boot windows 10 or Android 5.1 launched for 9,999

The voice call functionally (i.e. using the tab for making and receiving calls) works only in Android mode. If you are running tab in Windows mode you can use the SIM for accessing 3G data networks however you will not be able to make / receive calls.

The Datamini 2-in-1 gets power from a 6600 mAh Li-ion battery. It is available on Snapdeal for ₹12,036.

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  1. I am very frustrated with my datamini tw8 tablet, it have two operating system, but I want to boot in android but I can not do, please tell me How it is booted in android ?

    1. Dear Sir,

      What about after sales, Service. I am interested to buy. But, product not available through online store. I contacted Datamini. They have sent a quote .They told that, I have to pay money in their bank account and they will send the tablet.

      For Service, we have to send to Mumbai through courier ? . Spares and service properly available ? Kindly reply.

  2. 2 major issue with this system

    1) SD card is not getting detected in windows mode. One need to switch off and eject the SD card and then again insert it back and then start the system again to make it usable. ( finally it detect after this process)

    2) One Can’t move apps to SD card and there is only 3 GB internal memory available which is very less . its been 1 month now and my system is showing error of low space availability. I have uninstalled some apps ,but on the same time some apps need to to be updated … So overall slowly n staidly its filling up the space. Since yesterday my gmail stopped synchronize due to lack of space availability.

    Rest all is absolutely fine about is Tab

  3. Why no one review this awesome tablet…so many time i’ve google it but not a single result i got.
    Please anyone review it please….

    1. Pl see my review below. But, unfortunately, today, I saw the Snapdeal site showing the product as ‘Discontinued’. I am a bit anxious now as to the after-sales service, whether service would be available for the product. Gogiji, can you please thrown some light on the question? Thanks.

      1. I want buy this tab but I didn’t getting how to change mode from windows to android – I want to use it for call so can u explain me?

        1. There are buttons for switching OS in both windows and Android. Call function only in Android, but it is hopeless. Even with headset, calls are noisy and lot of interference.

      2. Now Datamini 2-in-1 is available with revised cost of Rs.12,537/-. I have 3 pieces including my friend

      3. Thanks venkat for your review, I have one doubt this tablet can use desktop application for windows. I mean we can install any windows app,like MS office, pdf, any exe files. Please give me your valuable feed back I will be purchase it.

    2. Now, its available again, but again with the price game. I got it for Rs.9999/- But, now sells for Rs.12,573/- Whats their game plan… I can’t guess…

  4. Can i use microsoft office and calling
    and also it can connect pen drive pls tell me it help full

    1. Yes. Both Microsoft Office for Windows and Android (with a lot of restrictions) can be installed. But, voice calling works only in Android. Not only Pen Drives, you can connect up to 2 TB external HDDs with the Datamini 2 in 1, but there was some problem in connecting my external DVD writer. Trying to sort out.

  5. I got the Datamini 2 in 1 delivered on 13.12.2015. Bought it for Rs.9999/- But the challenge was the product was not deliverabke to any PIN Code in Tamil Nadu. So, through my friend in Bangaluru, i got it. After using it for a week now, I am sharing my experience with you.

    Hardware: Screen is good from all angles. Touch is responsive. No ghosting. On date of receipt, there were three bright spots on screen. But, now gone, miraculously. Body is of rubber coat. So, it is a oil magnet. Even a small oil patch on hand makes body dirty.

    The latch connecting tab to keyboard is a bit lousy, not easy to connect and remove. There are 2 full USB 2.0 Ports one on keyboard, other on tab, 1 Micro USB OTG port, one MINI HDMI port, 3.5 MM jack, charging points are there. Charger pin is very fragile. Got bent on just a day’s usage. Fortunately, you can use the micro USB port for charging as well with a mobile charger. Audio is good on speakers n great on headset (not provided). Keyboard is cramped, smaller than many 10.1″ netbooks. So, not comfortable for typing. Touch pad is though clicking on top buttons is tingy. Free 32 GB SD card is a great value addition.

    Now, software. Both Android 5.1 and Windows 10 work smooth. Office package is mobile version. So, saving and opening files is a task. After last update, SD card go displayed in Windows. But, goes off and on frequently. The WiFi display in Android is awesome. You can mirror your Android 4.1+ mobile screen on the big 10.1″ screen, like you do in LCD TVs. So good. Biggest problem in Android is that no provision for installing or moving the Apps to SD. So forget about bulky apps. Switching from Android to Windows is swift but vice versa takes hell of a time.All exe files could be installed in Win 10. Another beauty is the direct SIM usage facility without any adapter. Micro SIM can be used for data in Windows and data/calling in Android with proper headset. When I user BSNL micro SIM connectivity was good and the BSNL Windows app loaded automatically with a plethora of features. So, that’s a good option.

    So, overall I feel the Datamini 2 in 1 with dual boot is full paisa vasool and VFM to every pie. I am happy despite a few drawbacks, stated above.

    1. Forgot one important aspect. Camera. Totally useless. Though claimed as 5 mp rear and 2 mp front, I feel it as 2 or even less rear and VGA in front. But, of course, who will use a 10.1″ tablet to take photos after all?

    2. Thank for ur short review. Can u upload a video shot of 3 min to youtube so we can get look to the device. As for switching os,just hold power+ volume up/down,then you’ll be presenting with boot option,you can choose either window or android

        1. Thanks for the review Venkat if only they had launched 64GB variant of this one then I would have bought it.

  6. How to connect external hard disk or connect to HDMI TV , how to connect DVD drive to it, plz gogi ji do a full detail review. Waiting from Long time for review.

    1. Boss, its simple. Use either of the 2 full USB 2.0 Ports to connect any external gadget like HDD, DVD writer, keyboard, mouse, etc. HDMI is mini, not micro that we use for connecting cameras or normal HDMI we use directly. Use either separate Mini to Full HDMI male to male cable or mini to full HDMI adapter, to connect to LED/LCD TV HDMI. But, not tried it yet, as the mini HDMI cable I have ordered online is yet to be despatched.

  7. Hi, all
    Reviewing again datamini 2in1 tablet
    Got tablet replaced by snapdeal within 10 days… much satisfied with snqpdeal services , now come 2 tablet performance, new piece of tablet is working awesomely… everything is fine…. camera working also no heating issues at all…..
    Wana say lots of thanks 2 snapdeal team and also Datamini for making such a useful device for a price under 10000.

  8. Is windows 10 os is a desktop os or mobile, will it run run the .exe files, .net framework etc…

    1. It is a Desktop + Tablet version. You can install any app or games which is 32bit. I have installed some apps and it is working fine.

  9. how much memory is available in windows and Android?
    In Android can we install apps and game in external sd card? mean can I install big games like real racing 3,asphalt 8,nova 3 and other big games at the same time?
    how is the performance in Android?
    can it play high graphics games?
    and what about benchmark scores?

    1. The option is there in Camera app in both windows and android. Mine works. But, even if it works you will be disappointed with the poor quality of cameras.

  10. received the tablet 2 days ago…. was waited weeks for that but unfortunately resulted in worst experience,
    camera on my tablet not working in both windows and android mode.

    Problem- Camera not working

    Error – in windows mode – something went wrong , make sure ur camera is connected and not being used by any other app.

    Error -in Android mode- Unfortunately camera has stopped.

    For the problem contacted both Snapdeal and Datamini but both are just passing time.

    snapdeal answer on replacement/ refund – To get refund/replacement you need written document of fault from brand service station… now searching for Datamini service station and mailing him to provide the address but not yet received any answer.

    Datamini answer on Repair/ Replacment – As this tablet is out of stock you cant get replacement and for Repair u have to send email request to pick ur tablet from ur home and get repaired. already sent emails but they are not yet provides any answer.

    Also i told him to guide me 2 troubleshoot but they denied to provide any technical advice ?

    Tablet is also heating too much .

    Final verdict…..

    Do not…. Do not ever trust on untasted brands….. if u want windows tablet go for canvas laptab…. or notion ink…. they have better services and support….

  11. I ordered a data mini tgw10 model of rs. 9999. My order no of snap deal is 10094854188. But not send this product after getting the order no. I thing if I was getting order no that means stock is available. After 4 day automatically cancel my order. Reason vendor(datamini) not responded. Then Screen shown sold-out. Now dear friend interesting matter is. Some time selling price is Rs. 12537. And now selling price is 15000. They just playing with the customer. All commitment about the product of this Co. May misguide you. Because may be after sales and service warranty change day to day like price. In the electronic market if you increase 100 rupi day by day. It is a dig matter. So be careful before buy this Company`s Product. And pay on snapdeal.

    1. Well I have got this product in first sale where it was shown 9999 on gogi, but when I went to by it, price shown 12537. After 1hr again changed to 9999.on that time I immediately ordered it and paid online and not COD.

      May be I have paid before order delivery and they don’t have any choice.

      Overall the product is great and fantastic as compared to other devices where are changing more than datamini and giving only 1 OS either Android or WINDOWS.

      I already have many gadgets like Note 4 Edge, Note 2, SG Grand 2, MMX210, Yreka, Lenovo, Cool Pad 3 and topped ASUS ZENPHONE 2 4GB RAM 64GB MEMORY

        1. Android and Windows 10 on both display and are fine. I was also scared and major concern before unboxing the product. After unboxing it have taken a huge breath where display was great and finishing of the product from back side as well.
          9999 how much more u want

          They have missed out to mention about GPS. That too is included in it.

          1. No. For the last one week, but for the frequent SD card detection problem in Windows, everything is fine and smooth.

    1. Nope I don’t think so,if such things were there it would have been mentioned in Snapdeal specs page itself!

  12. If only 64Gb version of this Tab is made available then surely I will buy it during Christmas,Newyear or pongal cash back offers!

  13. Specs seem to be good.
    The only problem was, they have entered the market very very late.
    By the time they released this model, most of the people have bought their tabs.
    Even I myself bought an MiPad. I wish I could have bought this 🙁

  14. It’s all fake, I ordered from snap deal. I got a order no from snap deal But not send it. And now screen shown sale out. They just try to know craz about this product in this product. And they sale few no. And we never get after sale service. As such have I think that do not have any service center. I call datamini office no. Most of no are fake. I want to know about this product they want me more money.
    So guys before purchase or payment to snap deal plz be care full.

    1. Kindly note that the product has got sold out due to the unprecedented response, we are getting more stocks and the product will be available again from next week onwards.

      Please note that the product comes with a proper One Year Warranty and the service and support is available across 3000 pin codes in India.

      Datamini as a brand has been in existence in the IT Hardware market 18 years and is one of the surviving hardware manufacturer today.

      You can be rest assured about the product quality as well as the warranty service & support.

      – Datamini Technologies (India) Limited

      1. @Sayed Khan: Can u launch 64Gb variant(with 64Gb microsd card free) of this Tab with 3GB RAM,4G support for 11 to 12k??? ? I will surely buy it and I bet it will sell like hot cakes than the basic 32GB ROM variant?I heard complaints in Snapdeal reviews that it Windows mode,microsd card is not detecting and he/she will hav to reboot the tab to make microsd detected in Windows mode,is it possible to solve this issue via software update???Can this tab detect a 2.5 Inch External Hard disk without any extra power source,becaus it has a normal USB 2.0 port!

      2. Hi,
        i received your datamini tablet but it seems end with faulty one,
        camera not working in both windows and android mode. had contacted on your email id to get nearest service station but they are not providing the address. as unstated on ur warranty card pick and drop facility available on product sell by you…. will you please provide needful attention to solve my problem.

        Thanks in advance

      3. Hi, is there a way to get the warranty registered in Datamini site, as I found no option. Can anybody guide?

    1. yes i m using hp scanner wit it

      usb cd dvd rom supported

      u can also connect 1 + 1 2 tb hard disc. 1 via tab and 1 via keyboard

      pendrive supported

      im using this from 1 week and turn out to a greatest and cheapest tablet in the world.

      mobile device via usb cable is also supported

      Thanks to Datamini

      1. @Dinesh: I heard in Snapdeal reviews that in Windows mode,microsd card is not detecting and he/she will hav to reboot the tab to make microsd detected in Windows mode,is it true?? ?So that means it has 2 normal USB ports,one in tab and other in keyboard, am I r8? Or you’re referring to Micro USB???? Or there any charging issues like Teclast tabs like not charging during usage or wen switched off?? ?I think most probably NTFS format is supported in Windows mode but Wat abt Android mode does it supports NTFS?? Is Android pre-rooted??
        It would have been grt if only Gogi could have reviewed this,anyway Dinesh Sry for asking way too many questions Dinesh,hope I get a answer from u thanks in advance!

      2. @Dinesh: Last Qn does it support OTA update,I mean like software updates like Teclast providing for it’s Tabs.Is the same case with the Data wind!,you’re the only one who came here and made a short review well thanks a lot for that!

        1. @Dinesh:One Final last question,whether it has a Factory fitted screen guard on the screen?? ?

          1. Yes, There is a factory Fitted Screen Guard.

            There is a frequently updates available.

            For sd card, it is supporting upto 64GB but it needs to be class 10. class 6 or 4 only 32gb is readable.

          2. IN Android Version, Pendrive is readable, but u can use it only via File explorer. It does not show any pop like OTG. Android version is not PRE-Rooted.

  15. Main weak area is the utter lack of space. 32 GB internal storage will not be sufficient for a dual boot tablet. The expandable storage will just be mounted. It will not be sufficient for the smooth running of the Windows 10 part. The Windows 10 recovery itself takes a huge quantity of internal storage. Secondly, resolution is not good enough for 10.1 inches.

    1. When you ‘ve received it and used for 2-3 days,please come back here and share ur opinion about this tablet.

  16. Dual boot with windows OS … Search on web “grub2win android x86 youtube” for android image go to or on official site. For partition use partition wizard freeware.

  17. hi
    guys just fyi I did see the same tab at the reliance digital show room @ anna nagar chennai but it was not duel boot only win 10 and my inputs are

    1. it did not look like a 10.1 inch tab may be bacause i have galaxy note 10.1 and in comparison it looked smaller

    2. the keyboard was not all that easy to use ie it was smaller in size im going again today to chek it out in detail ill give u my feed back on the same the day i went it was not fully charged so i could not try out the demo unit will give u feed back on the same eod today or some time tomorrow
    and they are selling this @Rs.9999

    1. hi guys
      correction what reliance has is a Iball 8 inch @ 10000 and 15k for the 10 inch one and only win 8.1 upgradable to 10

  18. Gogi jee, Datamini is China Company? whether we have Service centre in india (at least in metro cities)?

  19. Really Sorry!!

    But just checked on and amount again changed to Rs.9999/- and after seeing that i have immediately placed and order of it.

    And delivery date is November 10.

      1. Increased 2K! In this mobile competitive scenario, even Rs 100 matters a lot. I would say “good luck to you” for jump in price!!

  20. Windows will take 15GB and Android take 4GB almost 15GB for OS then 8+8GB needed for apps so there is no space left.

  21. Gud find gogi,if there was 64GB Variant then it would have been grt and most important only if this one supports Mounting NTFS FORMATTED 2.5 Inch Hardisks without any extra power source then it would rock,I am just hoping it has gud Hardware Quality!

    1. I think U can connect a hard disk to a otg supported device using paragon ntfs app… I have tried it and it worked in my device

  22. Wao!! Android 5.1 lollipop, windows10, Tablet and laptop…. All in one…. And also 6600 mah battery. Made in india and Indian company. Go datamini….. Show the world!!!
    Great idea, i hope product quality and service are good.
    Gogi bhai dekhte hain kya kehte hain..

    1. Dude, nothing such for being ecstatic. All are Chinese made just imported by india. Chinese markets are aleady flooded with such stuffs 1/2 years back. Even these so called Indian ecomerce is dominated by Chinese cheap poroducts.

  23. Wow…windows,android,keyboard,32gb inbuilt,voicce call,3g,2gb ram,10inch…all of these cost only 10k…unbelievable… Gogi bro,are u review this..?

    1. Your typical 13″ laptop with 1336*778 resolution comes to 120 ppi… So in a way this is much better.. Of course there are FHD and UHD screens but at this price, this ppi is acceptable…

    1. You cannot use both together, you will need to switch off the tab and at boot you will get option to choose windows or Android. Say if you choose android and when the OS starts and you want to switch back to windows you will need to switch off/ power on or reboot the tablet to get the boot OS option again.

      1. There is app switch in windows as well as android. just click it and system will go to the required OS.

  24. Gogiji installing android on windows os is easy but configuring with 3G dongle needs too much work. This tablet comes with SIM slot is good news and upgradability is possible with latest android version without company support. Its my opinion what you think?

    1. Can you tell me how to install android os on windows phone 8.1,
      As you say it is easy

      I do have snapdragan 410 powered windows. Phone 8.1

      1gb ram and 8 gb internal storage.

      1. Windows OS wich installed on tablet generally is full os and not customize like mobile os. If you interested to make your laptop, desktop dual boot with android I try to explain you.

        1. I am really interested. Please guide me to do that.

          Please also give links for downloading link to download required. Files for process

        2. I wish to try to install android on my laptop. Whose configuration is 1.5 gb ram, and 1.8 ghz processor.

          1. Don’t. Worry about long post,go will handle it

            Please start ………….
            And for long file five link to download better via dropbox public share.

  25. My prayers have been answered! Not exactly the full package in terms of storage space, expandable memory, and not sure about the brand assurance here. But for 10 k, a a dual boot laptab with an IPS screen and 2 gb RAM is great! Apparently the 32 gb micro sd card is also free! But the big news is that anybody out there has the sense to launch dual boot Andoid-Windows tablets! Great post, Gogi. Please review this product as soon as possible!