Daiwa D55 UVC6N and D50 UVC6N most affordable 4K TV price in India starts from Rs. 29,999

Daiwa has launched the most affordable 4K TV in India. The Daiwa D55 UVC6N 4K TV with a 55 inch screen is priced at Rs. 36,999 and the D50 UVC6N 4K TV with 50 inch screen is priced at Rs. 29,999. These 4K TV’s are using A+ Grade panel and produce razor sharp images.
Both these Daiwa TV’s come with 4K resolution i.e. 3840 x 2160 pixels. The A+ grade panels supports 1.07 Billion colors, with incredibly vivid detail. The TV’s also come with built in box speaker technology using Dolby sound for perfect sound, incredible vocals.

Daiwa D55 UVC6N and D50 UVC6N 4K TV’s support M. Cast, power saving Eco Vision, 2x USB ports, Ethernet port, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM and 3x HDMI ports. Control all devices connected with just the one remote control i.e. web play remote.The product is available on e-portals.

Daiwa D55 UVC6N

“We are excited with the launch of Daiwa 4K TVs in India, that too at the most budgeted prices with the latest in Technology and several value added features. Redefining the 4K TV Market in India, expect the unexpected from the house of Daiwa,” says founder of Daiwa, Mr. Arjuun Bajaj.



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