CREO had recently launched their first handset called the Mark 1 that was running Fuel OS out of the box. The key highlight about the Fuel OS is that it will get monthly updates, that will include new features too. The company today rolled out the first update on Mark 1.

The new update will add three new features namely Data manager, Selfie Flash and Enhance photo Editor. Two old features also got upgraded – i.e. the Echo and Sense. Echo is a personal answering machine the new update adds 6 Indian language support (welcome message). Sense also got updated now users can use it to get real time results and can even use it for calculations, add phone number to contacts and more.

A new feature called data manager will give users option to restrict background data activity for any app, thereby saving data and money.  Selfie flash is another new feature that kind of brightens the front screen for split second before taking a Selfie.

Creo Mark 1 update

And finally the Enhance photo editor that will allow quick image editing (apply filters, transform, adjust, crop etc).

If you are using the CREO Mark 1, download and install the updates, the best part is that in case you don’t want specific feature (for example selfie Flash), you can ignore that particular update.

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  1. brightens the front screen for split second before taking a Selfie which already available in my moto g3 turbo edition

  2. They have followed their plan for first instalment. Hope they follow it next month also. I know they taken calculated risk with first phone.. Limited unit sold.

    They need to launch new handset within 15k with competitive hardware for real success.