Another Company called CREO will make their entry into the Indian markets on 13th April 2016. Their first handset will be called the CREO Mark 1. So far the company has just given an indication that their new smartphone will be launched on 13th of this month.

The handset details and specification have not been revealed. Their website is also active and their website confirms the launch date i.e 13/04/2016. They also have a handset listed with tagline ‘A Phone That Can Be Engraved’.

Mark the Date 13.04.16 starting off with CREO Mark 1, and an interesting sentence that says ‘A New Phone every month’. So will the CREO company be launching a new handset every month? hopefully there will be good deference between two handsets – or will it be just software updates?

Creo Mark 1 launching soon

Specification, feature, price and service quality is what most Indian users are looking for, let’s wait and see what this new Brand can do in the Indian Mobile Segment.

Update: It is confirmed that the company will be providing software updates every month with ref to – a new phone very month.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -