The Creo Mark 1 smartphone that was recently launched in India now comes with two complimentary phone cover when purchased from official website. The company has also revealed the price of spare parts that will help user get a better idea (price wise) in case any part needs to be replaced while servicing.

This is a unique move by the company, do note that the prices are exclusive of taxes and repair cost – the taxes will be different in each state.  As of now Creo has around 106 registered service centers and more will be added (up to 300) in near future. Service center list can be found on their official website plus Creo Mark 1 users can also get the list using their smartphone via the ‘Sense’ feature.

Here is the list of Mark 1 Mobile spare parts with their respective price

Motherboard – Rs.  14,300
Light and Distance Sensor (Small Plates) – Rs. 300
Display Panel (LCD and Sensors) – Rs. 6,000
Front Camera – Rs. 700
Back Camera – Rs. 2,500
Ear Piece – Rs. 200
Speaker Box (Includes GSM Antenna) – Rs. 525
Vibration Monitor – Rs. 200
Battery – Rs. 800
Back Glass Panel – Rs. 650
Back Panel Internal Parts – Rs. 650
Charger – Rs. 650
Cable – Rs. 225
Side Button Assembly (Power and Volume Buttons) – Rs. 370
Sim Tray (1 Pc.) – Rs. 180

Creo Mark 1 spare part price list

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -