CoolPad will launch the Cool Play 6 today

I will be attending the CoolPad launch event that is schedules in Dubai. The Coolpad product (Smartphone) will be launched today and the price will also be revealed. I am in Dubai for the event and have been shooting the videos in 360 degrees.

If you have not yet checked my YouTube channel I have loaded a 360 degree video, will be shooting more in 360 and also the glimpse of the event that will also be in 360 format. Key highlight about the Cool Play 6 is the dual cameras on the back.

The full official specs will be revealed today. This handset comes with 6GB RAM, using Qualcomm 653 chipset and houses a 4060 mAh battery. There is still time for the launch event, and before that there is some Dubai City tour, Β places to visit etc – will be shooting the same in 360.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 launching today

Here is the first video that I shot in 360 using the Mi Mijia 3.5K camera.

Coolpad Cool play 6 launch

We are in the Yacht where the phone will be launched, still time will update.





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