Coolpad today launched the Coolpad Cool Play 6 handset. This handset comes with Snapdragon 653 octa core process and packed with a 5.5 inch screen with FHD resolution. Key highlight is the dual cameras on the back.

The Coolpad Cool Play 6 looks like Cool 1 but there are some design changes. The chipset used is also different on the Cool Play 6 i.e. using Snapdragon 653 octa core processor. There is 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Front camera is 8MP and rear camera is 13MP + 13MP. This handset will also shoot SLR type images.  Handset supports 4G with VoLTE and one thing to note when comparing with the Cool 1 is that this Cool Play 6 does not come with IR sensor that Cool 1 did.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 launched in India

A 4000 mAh battery powers this handset.

Coolpad Cool Play 6 specifications

CPU / GPU : Snapdragon 653 octa core with 510 GPU.
Antutu Score : around 80K
Screen : 5.5 inches with 1920 x 1080p
ROM : 64GB
Rear Camera : 13MP + 13MP, f/2.0, dual LED flash
Front Camera : 8MP
Weight and Thickness : 175g, 8.45mm
Connectivity : 4G, VoLTE, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB Type C port
Battery : 4000 mAh

This will be Amazon Exclusive. price is Rs. 14,999. Sale will begin from 4th September 2017.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Gogiji,
    You have mentioned that the Antutu score was around 50k, my MI Max helium which has 4 GB RAM and Snapdragon 652 scores around 85K score.
    It would be very kind of you if you can review the unit when available, thank you

  2. Dear Sir,

    It has corning gorilla glass or not?
    It has fast charging option or not?
    I already bought cool1 dual as per your review.

  3. Most bad thing about Coolpad 1 was that I was not able to use any otg support for transferring data .

  4. Now we can say redmi killer the Coolpad Cool Play 6 really looks awesome in specs camera battery all good and price tag with 6gd wowsome now lets see what price redmi launch for redmi 5x next really the best device till now from coolpad to compete with redmi devices now now compitition starts

  5. I got cool pad cool 1 3gb-32:gb @ 7649 . Isn’t it great? Redmi 3gb version @ 11000… Looks overpriced now. Mi should launch dual camera phone with 3 gb ram under 10k.

      1. No its not a buggy phone. The only problem is it may heat up a little at times! Except that the mobile is absolutely awesome.

    1. Very good decision bro in 7-8k budget u will not get good camera better screen 5.5 to be precise 32 GB storage

    2. Both cool1 and cool pad note5 were available at 8999 plus cash back.

      Really good decision.

  6. Surprising that this phone is not having Corning Gorilla Glass whereas Cool 1 being cheaper than this model is protected by CG3.

    1. Now they give 2.5 D curved glass in all new launches. i think curved glass in intimation of apple i phone for giving curved look like iphone

  7. This will definitely be a ‘hang’over phone for gamers!!!
    Not sure about the camera, build and comfort though!

    1. Correction. Performance might be good as it has “4x ARM Cortex A72, 4x ARM Cortex A53”
      Lets wait and watch ­čśë

    2. Bro can it play ps2 games with emulator ? I tried in my le 2 but didn’t work its 652 with 3gb ram

  8. How about 3GB RAM version at 12000?

    And if this too has no expandable storage then many customers will skip it.

  9. Durable built + bright screen + full day battery + good cameras + decent performance under 10K price is what regular customer needs. Rest like NFC, IR blaster, even FP scanner doesn’t make much of use in day to day use..

    1. Only dislike for fp sensor its necessary really for everyone and everyone uses it everytime they unlock their phones rest nfc and ir blaster i agreee

  10. This is so funny they are advertising as gaming phone but they are not giving memory expansion slot even there is no option for hybrid slot, ask any gamer he will tell u the importance of memory, hd games eat memory and ram like hell.

    1. this is not a PC where u need 500/1000 GB storage.
      high graphic android games are max 1.5/2gb .
      64gb is more than enough .

    2. That add looks like a epic joke. See the characters what they are saying and enacting!!! It’s all scripted

  11. Dear Gogi Sir,
    As per your review i already bought cool1 dual few months back, sir i want to know more about display,looking of cool play 6 . Difference between cool1 and play6 design wise and looks wise. Its matter for me

  12. everything is far than perfect in price bucket but the problem with coolpad is UI,software optimization, official support and design language like those thick black borders around the diaplay.

    1. Even mi5 has black borders. I’m using it. Bought it for 25k when it was launched in white color.

  13. No matter all are excellent, thick bezels are quite a headache , ruins all look of the phone, specially in gold color variant.

  14. I am 100% sure that antutu score will be well above 80k because SD652 itself has scores above 80k. I have a LeEco Le 2 which is SD652 powered device. Play 6 is having newer chipset and double RAM compared to Le 2.

    This is seriously the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 killer. It is even better then the Moto G5 Plus considering dual camera setup which I can tell from the experience of Coolpad Cool 1.

    The launch of this device will also affect the pricing of Cool 1 which according to me is great.

    1. Instead of this if they launched a cool 1 with 64gb/4gb in India it’ll be instant hit. This model exists in China but here they just launched 32gb/4gb. What a poor sales planning team Le/Coolpad has!

  15. People are never satisfied. They always find some or the other reason to complain about a phone. Cool play 6 is a very good phone except for the ugly black bezels on the screen, everything else seems good for the price.

    1. Actually no phone is perfect. everyone has their diffrent requirements and their top priorities such as best camera, best processor, battery life, display,price etc. you got to find a phone that satisfy your top priority within certain budget.

  16. I don’t care about IR blaster but this phone misses out NFC which is disappointing for price…!

  17. Gogi Sir,
    Cool play6 have 2.5D Curved Glass or not? Plz.Reply and what about jui. Another thing that it has fast charging or not?

    1. No 2.5D if you look at design it is different if you have seen cool 1 the screen is in line with frame, gives a flat look and feel.

  18. This phone will give jitters and freaks to OnePlus 3t and OnePlus 5. It will eat OnePlus market share definitely because of 6gb RAM.

    1. As per international site gearbest, it is estimated will check that when I do the review.

      1. hope it will cross 90000.
        Gogi also with this make reviews of Lenovo k8 note and Micromax Canvas Infinity.

        1. Correct. I am waiting for MI 5X mainly for dual camera setup. Specs looks as good as Note 4 but only concern is battery performance of MI 5X.

          1. There is chance that mi5x introduce to indian market in stock android version and all the updatesand security patch will be provided directly from google. If it happens it will be one of the best in that price segment.

  19. No matter how much company gives people still want more for some people ir blaster is deal breaker now ??

    Btw good job coo play 6 will definitely buy in diwali now there is jo budget and happy with my letv le 2 no problems faced in 6 months till now very good le 2

  20. Please recheck the antutu benchmark 50k only?.even sd650,sd652 reached this mobile sd653 only 50k.

  21. Coolpad should have launched a 4GB Ram model for same price as Redmi note 4….since 4gb Ram is sufficient for majority of people and those looking for Redmi note 4 alternative with better duel camera. this is where upcoming Redmi 5X will score over Coolpad 6.

  22. If they cant avoid that black bezels around the edges. They shud hav come up with only black colour variant, as it covers and doesnt look ugly…

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed with the design. At least small bezels would have been good as Coolpad cool 1 was a ugly looking phone because of the bezels and this is no different. Just upgraded ram and storage version of Cool 1.

      1. that ugly lookng Black Bezel is becoming turn off.
        they need to redesign their handset as soon as possible.

  23. There should be a 4GB version of this with IR sensor and priced around 13000, then it will be a perfect buy

  24. bought coolpad cool 1 depending only upon ur rank list and review gogi bro… itz been 2mnth… device works like #makkhan…. thnx…are you gnna review dis device too??

      1. Is it not cool to control your TV , set top box , DVD player, AC, Cooler and Fan with your mobile?

        Do you want to remote control satellite too?

        Cool1 is famous because it has IR and that feature gave competition to Redmi devices which are always IR powered.

        Hence ignoring IR will always a big mistake.

        Try to use it if you have that feature. You will really love it and many people still get surprised because they don’t have any clue how ur controlling the devices.

        For me IR is must.

        1. Bro there is ir sensor device available in market nowadays which you can plug in 3.5mm slot and use it as ir blaster its a simple thing which rarely anyone uses

          1. So you will buy the plugin for IR.

            You will buy memory card slot adapter for extra memory card.

            You will buy powerbank for extra juice

            You will buy tempered glass if no gorilla glass is given.

            You will buy external speaker if sound quality is bad.

            You will buy waterproof case if it is not spillproof.

            Don’t you think if all features are inbuilt in the phone it will become awesome??

        2. Childish Reply. U need to grow up. IR sensor is usable only in certain condition where u cant find remote or remote’s battery over. I never used my IR blaster coz original remote is more than enough. Adding IR sensor is plus point but absence of IR sensor doesn’t make any difference.

          1. True, I am using phone with IR sensor, I have set it up for TV, Ac. The only time I used the IR was to setup the TV/ AC.

      2. Use or no use, but all features whichever competition is offering must be there to be in the race. U never know which feature u will need in future.