A leaked video shows a phone changing color, well its the Vivo Phone and it can change colours especially the back panel. You can see in the video link below, the handset back changes from deep blue to pear white.

Technology used is electrochromic glass, that changes or rather shifts the hues to create variation and completely change the color, looks impressive.

If you may recall similar kind of technology was used by Oneplus in their Oneplus Concept phone wherein the cameras were hidden and exposed when needed.

Vivo Color changing smartphone

This time the whole glass back is using this same electrochromic tech and the color can be changed by pressing the side button from pearl white to deep blue and back. 

Sounds and looks great, well we could see this in future phones and may also see the Vivo color changing smartphone in India, and what do you think do leave a comment below.

Source : weibo

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in