Chuwi CoreBook 2 in 1 tablet, Intel Core M3 powered coming soon

Chuwi will soon launch a windows tablet, a 2 in 1 that can be used like a laptop or a tablet and it will be packed with Intel Core M3-7Y30 processor. Unique thing is that this tablet is that it comes with detachable keyboard and also includes a finger print sensor and a pen for input.

Chuwi will soon start the Indiegogo campaign (crowd funding), and early bird discounts will be offered when the campaign goes live. This 2 in 1 tablet features a 13.3 inch screen supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The screen is also OGS fully laminated and using 2.5D curved glass.

Inside the hood the Chuwi CoreBook is using Intel Core M3 7Y30 processor for amazing performance that is good enough for gaming and running various kinds of software’s. This is a 2 in 1, you can use it like a tablet and when need be use it like a notebook.

Chuwi CoreBook 2 in 1 tablet

Chuwi CoreBook comes with detachable keyboard, it’s a full size keyboard and can be angle adjusted to max 165 degrees. This tablet is running Windows OS and comes with Touch ID (finger Print security) built in, and also makes use of Windows Hello.

Key features are 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, finger print sensor, pen support, detachable keyboard (Kickstand type) and there is 37Wh battery with fast charging support 12V/3A.

The company so far has not yet revealed the price.


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